Latest Cameron Film Reveals 'Monumental' Truth

Monumental, Kirk Cameron

For those in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, think back to your elementary school days and the days leading up to your mini-Thanksgiving break each year. Think back to what your teachers explained to you about the Pilgrims.

Now, watch Monumental, Kirk Cameron’s film that was recently released on DVD. What Cameron discovered about the Pilgrims wasn’t exactly what our teachers told us. Yes, they left England because of religious persecution; but did you know that they literally escaped the rule of a tyrannical king, and that their first stop—a 12-year venture—was in Holland? Not likely.

“When I went to England, what I learned about the Pilgrims was that they were not simply these fuddy duddies with tall black hats, gray suits and belt buckles on their shoes, running around with turkey guns and not knowing how to plant corn,” Cameron said. “These people were intellectual geniuses. These were out-of-the-box free thinkers who said, ‘You know what? Our country is moving in a bad direction.’

“What these people endured simply to come to America was an incredible saga, and that’s not something that you’re going to read in our history books. The persecution that these people endured was unbelievable. But, they got off the defense and went on the offense, and they set down a 500-year plan and went and built a new nation. This is what our kids need to see. It’s a great primer for American history for them as they go back to school.”

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Cameron, whose previous movie Fireproof was a huge success, is concerned about the direction that the United States has taken over the last generation, both morally and financially. The country is nearly $16 trillion in debt, the number of abortions performed is out of control and same-sex marriage rules the media’s airwaves.

“There is a secret sauce to what made America the richest, freest, most strong and blessed nation the world has ever known. Frankly, I think we’ve gotten away from that,” Cameron said. “If we don’t get things turned around, we’ll get flushed down the drain.”

According to Cameron, the Pilgrims’ saga isn’t the only thing American students have been deceived about. Many have attempted to paint the majority of America’s Founding Fathers as either atheists or deists, including our first president, George Washington.

The information Cameron reveals in the film presents strong evidence to the contrary. And those documents are available for public viewing. An interesting fact that Cameron uncovered that many may not know is that the first Bible that was printed in America was actually printed by the United States Congress.

No separation of church and state there.

And, there is something else that seems to have been kept hidden from the general public: the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Mass. The 81-foot-tall granite monument, which sits in a residential area in Plymouth, features several figures depicting virtues that the Pilgrims brought with them when they arrived in America.

Those virtues include faith in God, morality (which honors prophecy and evangelism), justice, mercy and liberty—all God-like characteristics. These are the characteristics that the Pilgrims hoped would be enduring values for this country. Some of those, however, have faded in the name of selfishness and political correctness.

In watching Monumental, it was the first time in my 46 years that I had heard of the monument.

“The worldview of that part of the country has changed dramatically,” Cameron said. “It is one of the more important monuments in our country, but it has not been kept up, and it’s kind of the forgotten stepsister of monuments. It’s amazing how not many people know about it.”

Considering what the “powers that be” want us to know and what they don’t want us to know these days, that’s not so amazing. That’s why everyone should either rent or buy Cameron’s film. Not only is it truth, it’s Monumental truth.

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