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Praise Him in the Meltdown

This is not a time to give up or let go. Praise God and keep believing.

This has not been an easy year. On the national front we’ve endured a divisive presidential campaign, a mortgage crisis, soaring gas prices, low consumer confidence, renewed tensions with Russia, bank failures, layoffs, selloffs, buyouts, bailouts and meltdowns—plus a storm that almost wiped Galveston off the map.

It has also been a tough year spiritually. Moral failures and divorces among Christian leaders have left many disillusioned. Politics has bitterly divided the church. Ministries have had to cut back because of the economic downturn. Some of my friends are joking about buying “I SURVIVED 2008” T-shirts.

Overcoming Trials

Going through difficulty with absolute trust in God has inspired generations of people.

Wright Is Wrong

I can't jump on the Obama bandwagon with a clear conscience.

Strife-Free Living

Wrong words spoken at the wrong time can certainly lead to a firestorm.
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