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A Letter to My Son

Charisma publisher Steve Strang writes a letter to his younger son, Chandler, as he prepares to start life after high school.

Live in God's Peace

Our joy and peace come as a result of our relationship with the Lord.

Church Behind Bars

The church must remember Jesus' mandate to show compassion toward those in prison.

Holy Spirit, Renew Us

I fear that charismatics are fitting in more and emphasizing the Holy Spirit less.

The Power of Grace

Grace is the power of God made available to meet all our needs.

Press Past Your Pain

Don't allow the painful feelings of your past to ruin your future.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

We must refuse to relate to society with self-righteousness or spiritual condescension.

Addicted to Approval?

The only way out of bondage is to begin seeking God's approval instead of man's approval.

An Inaugural Moment

I believe God is giving Christians an open window for four more years.

Peaceful on Purpose

We need to make up our minds that we are going to have peace.

The New American Dream

We have an opportunity to advance the Lord's agenda to create a godlier America.

Unselfish Love

Being able to adapt to others is the hallmark of a true Christian.

Prayer and God's Word

The president always appreciates it when people tell him they pray for him.

Develop Your Potential

The development of personal potential should be the No. 1 job of every Christian.

Remember the Poor

God desires to lavish His mercy on the needy of the land.

The Power of Conviction

If you heed conviction, it lifts you out of sin and leads you back to the heart of God.
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