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How to Fight and Win

Victory is sure if you’ll rely on God’s Word more than your feelings. Here's how to win every time. 

man alone

Please Don’t Worship the iPreacher

In the wake of more church scandal, J. Lee Grady warns us to be careful of building a ministry on one man’s charisma—even if he is trendy. Check out what he has to say. 

Mountain Top

The Spiritual Avalanche That Could Kill Millions

Evangelist Steve Hill says there is an epidemic of heretical teachings from Christian pastors and teachers worldwide that will cause the spiritual death of millions. Find out what they are teaching and how you can stop it. 

Israel Defense Forces

IDF Assists Hospitals During Wartime

The Israel Defense Forces’ Hospital Military Unit has expanded its operations to include assistance during conventional warfare.


IDF Celebrates Hannkuah With Sufganiyot

In addition to the classic jelly doughnuts, cooks in the Israeli Defense Forces kitchens are providing a healthier variety of sufganiyot for its own for Hannukah

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Back Down

The Israeli prime minister says despite the recent U.N. vote toward Palestinian statehood, his government won’t abandon its plans to build a new settlement project in the West Bank.

Christmas decorations

Searching for Christ Among Worldly Christmas Traditions

We see the secularism—even paganism—in the Christmas season. We can shun it and say, “Bah, humbug.” Or we can choose to turn the symbols of the world around and see in them a reflection of the glory of God.

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When Casting Out Devils Brings Retaliation

Have you ever faced backlash after casting out devils? Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insights for deliverance ministers in the midst of the spiritual battle.

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