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Pat Boone

Pat Boone Donation to Israel Museum Includes Prophetic Twist

The legendary entertainer blessed Yad Vashem with the original document of his lyrics for what some Jews consider their “second national anthem.” But it’s the prophetic fulfillment of those words that is now taking on a life of its own.

Israeli probe on the moon

Israeli Group Shoots For the Moon

Space IL says it hopes to accomplish the task in two years, financially backed by the telecommunications company Bezeq.

Are You Weary?

You can learn to grow in difficult times as you abide in God's love.

Herod the Great Display

'Herod the Great' Show in Israel Angers Palestinians

The first major museum exhibition on the divisive biblical figure, Herod the Great, has provoked a modern-day row between Israel and the Palestinians over who has the right to dig up his artifacts.

Westboro Baptist protest

When Spiritual Abuse Brainwashes the Saints

The persecution against the Westboro Baptist Church daughters who left the hate-mongering congregation last week offers a look behind the veil of spiritual abuse. 

Ron Cantor

Ron Cantor: The Different Giftings of Men and Women

Messiah’s Mandate’s Ron Cantor says the healthiest churches he has witnessed are not ones led by women or dominating men but ones led by a team of male elders who value their wives’ input.

Sad woman

Walking Through Adversity

Tribulation is part of God’s path to perfection. We will be like Him by the time He comes back.

The Western Wall

At the Kotel: A Prayer From a Wheelchair

Handicapped accessibility requests are normally made in advance, but an exception was recently made for a patient suffering from a great deal of pain.

City Of Jerusalem

Jerusalem: Don’t Forget to Remember

American Friends of Magen David Adom’s Jonathan Feldstein gives his unique perspective of what the city of Jerusalem means to an American-born resident of Israel.

God’s Love Message Is the Sweetest Gift of All

It’s easy to get caught up in Valentine’s Day rituals with our sweethearts. But when God has been through the thick and thin of our love relationships, how can we miss His love message that beckons us to be His?

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