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Making Your Faith Go Viral

Charisma's editor Marcus Yoars explains how God is reinjecting viral faith throughout His church today. Will you let it spread wildly to and through you?

Iranian Terror

Iranian Terror Plots Against Israelis Exposed

Agents in Nigeria Wednesday broke up a terrorist group backed by “Iranian handlers,” while an admitted member of Hezbollah is being tried on allegations of planned attracks on Israeli tourists in Cyprus.

spiritual warfare

A Stealth Spiritual Warfare Weapon Satan Can’t Stand

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight into a weapon that many find difficult to wield. But if you swing this sword, it protects your heart in the face of mistreatment and persecution.

Esther Festival

Jews Celebrate Purim With Esther Fast

Jewish people petition God with many prayers during the fast, including its protection from factions like Hamas and Hezbollah, bent on Israel's destruction.

City of Jerusalem

Preparing Jerusalem for The King

The only hope of survival for Jerusalem is God’s intervention. Jerusalem’s security is not her walls and citadels, but her God.

Abby Olufeyemi and women

Why I Defend Women Preachers

J. Lee Grady says strong men are not intimidated by gifted women. If we want to reach the world for Jesus, he says we must empower female leaders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu Thanks Pope for Deepening Christian-Jewish Ties

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked outgoing Pope Benedict for his efforts to shore up often-troubled relations between the Roman Catholic Church and Jews, including the pontiff’s visit to the Holy Land.

Jewish Youth Purim

Esther’s Message Rings True Today for Jews

Given threats and rumblings from modern Persia (Iran), the celebration of the past and God’s protection in the present have never been more relevant or meaningful for the Jewish people.

James W. Goll

8 Clear Words for 2013

Prophetic minister James W. Goll has received eight scriptural principles that will not fail for this new year and beyond! Learn how they apply to your life. 

Israeli kids running

Chaim Goldberg: Sirens and Bad Guys

Although it was only a test, Thursday’s rocket drill in Israel conjured up frightening memories of last fall’s conflict with Hamas.

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