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The Center of Scientology in Israel

Is Scientology Making Inroads in Israel?

Scientology has confronted charges in many countries that it is a dangerous cult that brainwashes its followers and confiscates their assets. Its leaders deny that.

Prayer Group

Please Pause for This Post-Election Prayer

After this bitterly divisive election, J. Lee Grady says the Lord’s Prayer can reunite us. Read about how this simple prayer can heal our divided nation.

woman praying

Does Romney Loss Mean God Didn’t Answer Our Prayers?

From churches to houses of prayer to solemn assemblies—petitions for a leader who would govern our nation according to the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was founded went forth day and night. What happened?

sleeping church

A Prophetic Message to the Sleeping Giant: Wake Up!

The church is divided over the presidential elections despite clear calls to vote according to biblical values. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire pleads with the church to consider the big picture.

pink papers

Follow the Directions

Do you feel sometimes like you're stumbling through life wondering what God's will is? His will for our lives is not hidden from us—it is hidden for us. You just need to know where to look for it.

Presidents Can’t Save Us

Jesus looked beyond politics. We must find the grace to love both Democrats and Republicans.

Pruning Prophets and apostles

A lack of prophetic words about the next president doesn’t mean God is silent; it means we’re growing

Romney and Ryan

I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's stance on religious liberty, traditional marriage and abortion make him the Christian's candidate of choice on Nov. 6.

true and false prophets

True or False? 'Prophets' Rising in the Land

The late Art Katz called out an issue in prophetic ministry that has grown worse in modern days: the popularity of labeling oneself a prophet. Hear Katz's cry to maintain the dignity of the office of the prophet.

pregnant woman

The Choice That Made the Difference

Randi White asks the question, How can we vote for a political party that supports aborting the lives and destinies of those God intended to live?

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