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tight lipped

When Spiritual Warfare Makes You Bite Your Tongue

Wisdom is the principal thing, but understanding how to apply Scriptural wisdom in the face of intense spiritual warfare is vital. Jennifer LeClaire offers a Holy Spirit key to avoiding the devil's snare in the face of attack.

Al Jabari

Israeli Airstrike Kills Hamas Militant Chief

An Israeli airstrike killed the commander of the military wing of Gaza's Hamas rulers Wednesday, Hamas officials and Israel confirmed, in a dramatic resumption of Israel's policy of assassinating Palestinian militant leaders.

R. Loren Sanford

A Prophetic Look at Post-Election America

Pastor R. Loren Sanford says that God elected President Barack Obama, but He didn't choose him. Sanford shares what Christians can expect from the next four years and how they should respond. 

sad woman thinking

When You Feel Betrayed by God

Though we understand that God does not need to be forgiven, we become angry with Him. Read as Ed Stetzer explains why we need to be repentant and let go of our bitterness toward God.

President Obama

Will President Obama Truly Bring the Nation Together?

This election cycle has been one of the most interesting in modern history. Bishop Harry Jackson discusses the question, How is it that a campaign of hope and change has resulted in such division?

The Center of Scientology in Israel

Is Scientology Making Inroads in Israel?

Scientology has confronted charges in many countries that it is a dangerous cult that brainwashes its followers and confiscates their assets. Its leaders deny that.

Prayer Group

Please Pause for This Post-Election Prayer

After this bitterly divisive election, J. Lee Grady says the Lord’s Prayer can reunite us. Read about how this simple prayer can heal our divided nation.

woman praying

Does Romney Loss Mean God Didn’t Answer Our Prayers?

From churches to houses of prayer to solemn assemblies—petitions for a leader who would govern our nation according to the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was founded went forth day and night. What happened?

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