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Christians for Israel

Grant Berry: G-d’s Mercy Plan

As the Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Romans, God has a plan of mercy to reach Israel through the church.

Harry Jackson Jr.

Marriage: A Supreme Test of Rights

From the very beginning, homosexual “marriage” activists have sought to hijack not only the moral authority of the Civil Rights Movement, but also the legal arguments which liberated minorities from centuries of legalized oppression and discrimination.

Hinn Wedding

Bonnke, Hayford Call Benny Hinn Remarriage a Miracle

Pastor Jack Hayford, Suzanne Hinn’s father Roy Harthern and evangelist Reinhard Bonnke repeatedly referred to the significance of the Hinns’ remarriage on Sunday. Read our eyewitness report about the wedding.

How God Set Me Free From Painkiller Addiction

Paula Friedrichsen struggled with an addiction to painkillers for three years before she gave up her problems to God and finally kicked the habit. Learn how she was able to do it.

Billy Graham on the cover of Christian Life Magazine, 1952

Evangelist Billy Graham Still Making Impact at 95

Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday Thursday. His latest, which he says may be his final, evangelistic push is “My Hope” With Billy Graham, a nationwide program pleading with lost souls to join God’s kingdom.

Chuck Hagel

Ron Cantor: Stop Haggling on Hagel

Ron Cantor of Messiah's Mandate International says President Obama should swallow his pride and choose someone else besides Chuck Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Places in Israel

Israel: Catastrophe or Prophecy?

Many people around the world see these times this as a season of hating Israel. It must be turned into a season of love and support for Israel.


When Is It Time to Leave a Church?

J. Lee Grady warns that if you see any of these seven warning signs in your church, his advice is to run as fast as you can.

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