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did God say that?

Was it God or the Devil? Discerning Satanic Hindrances

Paul's journeys show that sometimes the Holy Ghost prevented him from going forward--but sometimes it was Satan. Charisma News editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insight into how to discern where the resistance is coming from.

Help Vision for Israel Aid Victims

The people of Israel daily are dodging missile attacks and dealing with the aftermath. Please join the effort to bring comfort to the victims.

Israeli Horror

An Eyewitness To Horror

Maoz Israel staff photographer Jen Sladkov is in southern Israel capturing the horror of the latest conflict Israel has been forced into.

Israel Kids Running

Amid Gaza Diplomacy, Bomb Blasts Tel Aviv Bus

The latest attack that wounded 10 people came as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the Middle East seeking diplomacy between Israelis and Palestinians. 

prophetic puzzle

Connecting the Prophetic Dots of Your Destiny

Searching for your calling? The Holy Spirit is leaving prophetic clues. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insights into how to connect the prophetic dots so you can fulfill your destiny.

Joyce Meyer

Making Christianity Easy

Think serving God is complicated? Here’s how easy it really is—and why that simplicity matters.

Israeli supporters

Israeli Offers On-the-Ground Perspective of Hamas Conflict

Code Red air raid announcements on television and radio continue warning citizens to stow away in bomb shelters. Jonathan Feldstein offers a firsthand account of what it's like to live in Israel on the brink of war.

Joey and Steve

Making Disciples Via Lego Connections

You may not have heard of Filipino pastor Joey Bonifacio, but his LEGO Principle—a simple yet profound discipleship model—could change the American church.

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