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How God Delivered Me From the Demon of Pharmakeia

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire shares her long-term struggle with drug use, her deliverance, and why the momentum for legalizing marijuana causes her to drop to her knees in intercession for today's youth.

Students on Campus for Israel

Students Wage On-Campus Battle for Israel

The prevailing sentiment for Israel in America is favorable, but there is work to do at the university level. Find out what these students are doing. 

Joyce Meyer: How to Get Supernatural Favor!

God has crowned man with glory and favor, giving him dominion over the works of His hands. But are you walking in supernatural favor? Find out how to obtain it. 


Kim Clement: Conquer Your Mountain in 2013!

Though prophetic voices have said 2013 will be a difficult year, Kim Clement says believers should not focus on the negative but keep their eyes fixed on conquering any mountain that stands in their way. 

Muslims Terror

Islam Employs Fear as Terror Tactic

Hamas and a great deal of the Arabic world make no bones about their ambition to obliterate Israel off the face of the earth.


Unravel the Power of Witchcraft

Do you really believe all of your unsaved loved ones can be saved? J. Lee Grady shares an amazing testimony of how an occult leader in Peru transferred his allegiance from Satan to Christ.


Schooling Our Future Leaders

Why the new Charisma’s Best college resource for Spirit-filled students matters more now than ever

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