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Obama Makes Appeal to Wary Israeli Public

With an often-volatile relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the U.S. president is trying a new tack by directly assuring the people he is committed to their security.

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What Not to Do When People Leave Your Church

Whether you are in leadership or just a member, it can be disheartening to see someone leave your local church. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle these situations.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli-Arab Conflict Becoming More Complex

The IDF’s intelligence chief says Iran is producing enough enriched uranium for five or six bombs and that the leadership of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt view Israel as an unwelcome element.

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Making Aliyah to Israel Comes With a Price

The word aliyah, meaning "going up," is almost ironic, because for most new immigrants to Israel, adjusting to life in their new country is quite the opposite.


The Coming Tsunami in the Catholic Church

J. Lee Grady had a dream in which God showed him He is sending a wave of His Spirit to bring reformation in the Catholic church. Read more about his vivid dream.  

TBN's Paul and Jan Crouch

What Would You Ask Paul and Jan?

Charisma magazine has an exclusive opportunity to interview TBN's Paul and Jan Crouch this week. We want you to be involved by submitting questions for them.

Joyce Meyer

The Key to Overcoming Fear

God wants to replace your fear with a confidence that comes from knowing who you really are in Christ.

Ron Cantor

Will Bow-Hugging Become Trendy?

Many Chinese believers have a deep love for Israel and a hunger for the gospel. Their excitement and humility should be an inspiration to all believers.

Do You Know God? Or Just Believe in Him?

Pat Schatzline says it would blow our minds if we truly understood how incredible our Creator is. The problem is, we have allowed others to define God.

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