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God Loves Arabs, Too

God's love is so much wider than our narrow political boundaries.

Take Responsibility

I don't want to stand before God and be asked why I wated my time in self-pity.

The Road to Babylon

America's sacred national treasure has been placed on the auction block.

Something Smells

Pride stinks because it is the sulfuric stench of Lucifer himself.

Live Purposefully

It is frustrating to see wasted potential because waste leads to regret.

Open the Books

If God is conducting His own heavenly audit, let's welcome correction.

Live by Faith

We trust in the God who reaches out and receives us to Himself just as we are.

Desperate Times

Please pray. We can't settle for anything less than a heavenly visitation.

Be Thankful!

In the midst of our hardships, we can rejoice over the things that are not wrong in our lives.

A New Vision for 2008

God wants to give Christians a new vision for getting involved in the political process.

A Charismatic Enron?

Those leaders with a spirit of entitlement should be disqualified.

Spiritual Weapons

The Word, praise and prayer defeat the devil faster than any other battle plan.
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