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Samuel Rodriguez

What the Pentecostal Voice Can Do

Charisma Publisher Steve Strang says as an evangelical institution stays silent, the Spirit-filled community must call America back to biblical values.

President Obama

Obama on Holocaust: ‘Never Again’

Wearing a Jewish skullcap, the U.S. President vowed “for all the world to hear” that Israel would survive, and that a Holocaust “will never happen again.”

scared intercessor

When Intercessors Are Afraid of the Devil

How can a prophetic intercessor effectively wage warfare when they are flowing from a place of fear instead of victory in Christ? Jennifer LeClaire identifies a weakness in some prayer warriors' armor.

Gaza Rocket

Islamist Group Owns Up to Rocket Attack

An Islamist group has claimed responsibility for firing rockets at an Israeli border town in the Gaza Strip during U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to the region. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack.


No More Pentecostal Popemobiles

J. Lee Grady explains why the election of the new pope is a prophetic slap in the face for charismatic egotistical excess.

Joyce Meyer

Fight for Your Hope

The enemy wants you to be consumed with hopelessness and will tell you lies about yourself, your life, other people, and even about God. But remember: The devil is a liar. You can fight for your hope. 

Jonathan Cahn

Why America Stands With Israel ... and a Warning

While America has been blessed, The Harbinger author Jonathan Cahn says it is turning away from God just as Israel turned away. God is warning America that we need to repent and turn back to Him.

Hamas supporters

Israel's Enemies Suffer God's Judgment

As we see the developments surrounding the Middle East, the terror groups and peoples that have sworn themselves to Israel’s destruction, it appears these very same nations are experiencing God’s wrath.

U.S. President Barack Obama

Will Obama Stand With Israel During Visit?

Israelis are hoping U.S. President Barack Obama will be able to straddle the thin line of diplomacy during his visit to Jerusalem this week and not push the region further from peace.

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