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Are You A House of Prayer?

Let’s not forget how simple and fundamental prayer is both on an individual and corporate level. If we’re called a house of prayer, isn’t it time we start being it?

Holocaust victims Dreizel Hamel and Shalom Yaakov Birnbach

The Holocaust: Remember to Never Forget

Memories of the Holocaust reveal some very heartfelt, compelling stories. Read here about one family’s struggle against the evil of the Third Reich.

Raoul Wallenberg Memorial in Sweden

Raoul Wallenberg: An Angel of Mercy for Jews

Appalled by the annihilation of Jews by the Nazis during World War II, Swede Raoul Wallenberg took on the task of trying to save as many Hungarian Jews as possible. He is credited with saving 100,000 Jews in 1944 and 1945.

TBN World Headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif.

TBN Responds to Steve Strang

When my interview with Paul and Jan Crouch was canceled last month and I wrote a commentary asking questions that my readers had asked, TBN sent me this "letter to the editor."

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