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Steve Hill: Getting Back to the Amazingness of Grace

Whether you know Jesus or not, there is a vicious fight taking place for your soul. How will you respond? Will you ignore God’s grace, or will you tune your ears toward Him and listen to His instructions?

Jack Teitel

Are You Prepared for Persecution?

Have you truly counted the cost for what your faith could mean to your life one day? The Ortiz family of the Messianic Jewish community certainly has.

Jonathan Feldstein: Israeli patriotism at its finest

Yom Haatzmaut: Israel’s Independence Day

Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day is not that much different than the Fourth of July in the United States. Patriotism, a way of life for Israelis, hits a fever pitch.


Why Are So Many Christians Practicing Witchcraft?

It may surprise you to learn that what the world—or even what the Wiccans—call witchcraft is not always one in the same as what the Bible calls witchcraft. Are you unknowingly practicing sorcery?

Dino Kartsonakis

Concert to Honor The Holy Land

Famed concert pianist Dino Kartsonakis, along with Grammy Award winners Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris, will be the headline performers at a benefit concert for Israel at Carnegie Hall Thursday.

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Faith Living: Finding Your Purpose

Setting a goal is like focusing sunlight with a magnifying glass. When your life energy is shining on a pinpoint, you can start a fire.

James Goll

A Line Has Been Drawn in the Sand

Minister James Goll received a prophetic dream for the body of Christ in which he saw that hope for the fragmented church and the nations is being released and a line has been drawn in the sand. Find out more of what he saw. 

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