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terrorist bus

Living for Yeshua Negates Living With Terror

With the recent scares in the U.S. and the constant threat of them in Israel, read Chaim Goldberg's column and discover how easy it is to live without fear.

Sinai rocket attack

Islamists in Sinai Claim Attack on Israel

The militant group Magles Shoura al-Mujahddin claims responsibility for two rockets that hit the Red Sea resort town of Eilat Wednesday. No one was injured.


Auschwitz Remains a Haunting Place Today

For a Messianic Jew whose parents were Holocaust survivors, the former concentration camp represents renewed hope for the future with Yeshua.

Soldier grave

Israelis Salute Fallen Heroes

On Monday, the country briefly stood in silence to remember the more than 23,000 soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty since 1860.

Joel C. Rosenberg

North Korea: ‘Nuclear War Is Unavoidable’

Linking Iran to North Korea in the rapid advancement of building nuclear warheads, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may feel compelled to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran.

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