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Be Careful What You Call 'Divine Judgment'

Michael Brown warns Christians to be very careful about calling specific events, such as the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, God's “divine judgment.” It is both dangerous and unwise to bear false witness about the Lord.


US Names Envoy to Combat Anti-Semitism

With the latest report on religious freedom citing “a troubling trend,” discover who was appointed to the position and on what specific regions he will focus.

Ron Cantor

A Messianic Jew Goes to Rome

Messiah’s Mandate’s Ron Cantor was invited to Italy to preach on Jewish roots. Find out what kind of reception he received from a Roman church.

Women of the Wall

Women of the Wall Member Threatened

Read about how a member of the controversial group's home was vandalized and the not-so-subtle message that was left for her.

Catering to an Audience of One

As believers, we know that when we die, we will stand before our Creator at the judgment seat of Christ. Misty Edwards discusses how we can be sure God is pleased with us when we stand before Him.

Girl's Town Jerusalem

Destiny Takes a Hand in Jerusalem

Discover how an American couple’s visit to Israel turned out to be a life-changing experience for the couple and a young Jewish girl.

David Rubin: Time for a New Peace Process

Read why author David Rubin says peace talks between Israeli and Arab nations will continue to fail until they are based on biblical principles, historical justice and common sense.

righteous judgment

Why We Must Judge a Righteous Judgment

One of the most common outcries against calling out false doctrines insists, “Thou shalt not judge.” Jennifer LeClaire insists we must judge a righteous judgment in the midst of a heresy hurricane.

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