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How to Contend for Revival in Your Region

When John Wesley and friends prayed earnestly for revival in England, God answered their prayers. Find out how you can be part of the next great revival in your nation.  

Pope Francis

A Jew's High Praise for Pope Francis

Chaim Goldberg calls Pope Francis a breath of fresh air for the Jews. In fact, he says Francis almost makes him want to become a Catholic!


Give Me Your Input on My Newsletter

Our Internet traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate. But Steve Strang sees an area that's been stagnant and is asking readers for help. 

shaking the dust off your feet

Knowing When It’s Time to Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

Sometimes we have to shake the dust off our feet and even shake out our garments when the word of the Lord is continually rejected in a church. Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight on this serious matter.


How to Overcome Fear With Faith

Don't spend your life in so much fear of making a mistake that you never do anything. Here's how to overcome your fear. 

Sid Roth

Sid Roth: The Most Anti-Semitic Act I Know

Sid Roth calls out traditional Jewish rabbis who are exalted on Christian television yet hate Jews who believe in Jesus—and also sends a strong message for the Christian church.

Galilee of the Nations

How an Ancient Sound Was Restored

As more and more Jews come to know Yeshua, learn why an emergence of more Messianic musicians who contribute their own unique expressions of praise will follow.

Barbra Streisand

How the World Could Thrive in the Future

Maoz Israel’s Chaim Goldberg wonders what would happen if the Muslim world focused on things like art, music, education and solving the world’s problems instead of plotting how to be the world’s problem.

What Can God Do When You Stop Playing It Safe?

While some people are perfectionists, some are performance-driven, and others play it safe, Jesus came to give us abundance. So why should we settle for average? Find out what can happen when you stop playing it safe and reach for more.

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