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Wayne and Ann Hilsden

Israeli Church Turns Curse Into Blessing

Read about how fasting and prayer led to the shut-down of a pair of pornographic shops near Wayne and Ann Hilsden’s Messianic church in Jerusalem.


The Zimmerman Verdict: A Godly Response

The verdict in the Zimmerman trial has come down, and the fallout has begun. R. Loren Sandford explains where the church can go from here.

eating in church

5 More Rude Things People Do in Church

Jesus warned us to be careful how we listen, so why are so many people disrespecting the word of truth by engaging in distracting behaviors in church?

The Secret to Running a Strong Christian Race

Envisioning how God wants to use us may be easy, but it’s often difficult to faithfully take steps each day in the direction of His will. Find out how to overcome these challenges and discover the best way to run a strong Christian race.

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