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David DeVore Jr.

Let's Make the Gospel Go Viral

Instead of passing along some inane pet video or music parody, we invite you to help something that really matters to go viral: the gospel.

Responding With ‘Holy Fire’

Though R.T. Kendall’s new book dismantles the “strange fire” accusations of John MacArthur, more importantly it’s a key work to ignite every believer

The true meaning of Christmas seems lost on American society these days.

The War on Christmas Rages On

While the secular world continues its assault on the Christian meaning behind Christmas, it’s up to us as believers to stand up and wave the banner high for Jesus.

SeaWorld's 'O Wondrous Night.'

Message of Jesus Proclaimed Unexpectedly

In a nation that has recently attempted to neuter the holiest of holidays, it was a pleasant surprise to see theme parks in Orlando celebrating a traditional Christmas.

When Authentic Fire Goes Viral

How new technology is aiding the resolution to an age-old conflict reignited by John MacArthur’s ‘Strange Fire’

Strang Report photo

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: The Gospel Personified

While spending time with Alveda and Naomi King in the Georgia mountains this week, I was regaled with wonderful stories of the character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Find out the real story of how his life mimicked Christ’s.

Statistics reveal that people need the Lord more than ever.

Stats Show People Need the Lord

Violent crime, suicides and illicit drug use are raging out of control. The numbers show why the message of the gospel is more crucial now than it’s ever been.

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