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Magnifying glass

Faith Living: Finding Your Purpose

Setting a goal is like focusing sunlight with a magnifying glass. When your life energy is shining on a pinpoint, you can start a fire.

TBN World Headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif.

TBN Responds to Steve Strang

When my interview with Paul and Jan Crouch was canceled last month and I wrote a commentary asking questions that my readers had asked, TBN sent me this "letter to the editor."

Jesus Steps

It's Good Friday, So Think About This

Most of us are like Peter. We want to follow Jesus on our own terms. God, however, does not reveal the future—He reveals Himself.

Samuel Rodriguez

What the Pentecostal Voice Can Do

Charisma Publisher Steve Strang says as an evangelical institution stays silent, the Spirit-filled community must call America back to biblical values.

Jonathan Cahn

Why America Stands With Israel ... and a Warning

While America has been blessed, The Harbinger author Jonathan Cahn says it is turning away from God just as Israel turned away. God is warning America that we need to repent and turn back to Him.

TBN's Paul and Jan Crouch

What Would You Ask Paul and Jan?

Charisma magazine has an exclusive opportunity to interview TBN's Paul and Jan Crouch this week. We want you to be involved by submitting questions for them.

Hinn Wedding

Bonnke, Hayford Call Benny Hinn Remarriage a Miracle

Pastor Jack Hayford, Suzanne Hinn’s father Roy Harthern and evangelist Reinhard Bonnke repeatedly referred to the significance of the Hinns’ remarriage on Sunday. Read our eyewitness report about the wedding.

Billy Graham on the cover of Christian Life Magazine, 1952

Evangelist Billy Graham Still Making Impact at 95

Billy Graham celebrated his 95th birthday Thursday. His latest, which he says may be his final, evangelistic push is “My Hope” With Billy Graham, a nationwide program pleading with lost souls to join God’s kingdom.

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