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When Authentic Fire Goes Viral

How new technology is aiding the resolution to an age-old conflict reignited by John MacArthur’s ‘Strange Fire’

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: The Gospel Personified

While spending time with Alveda and Naomi King in the Georgia mountains this week, I was regaled with wonderful stories of the character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Find out the real story of how his life mimicked Christ’s.

Statistics reveal that people need the Lord more than ever.

Stats Show People Need the Lord

Violent crime, suicides and illicit drug use are raging out of control. The numbers show why the message of the gospel is more crucial now than it’s ever been.

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Spiritual Lessons I Learned from My Mom

As the Strang family gathered for my mom’s 85th birthday, we remembered our godly heritage and how much of a blessing she is. Have you expressed that to your mother lately?

With Steve Strang, members of the Crowns cast include, from left, Stephanie Williams, Jevon Bolden and Brenda Davis.

Steps Toward Bringing Racial Understanding

From national meetings to the Sanford Declaration to the debut of the light-hearted play Crowns, many are working tirelessly on the quest for racial harmony in America.

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Healthy Churches Bolster My Faith in the Body of Christ

On a recent vacation trip, Charisma founder Steve Strang experienced a view of three very different services, including one at John Eckhardt’s church in Chicago. All of them were a blessing and spiritually uplifting.

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Pentecostal Fire Still Driving Assemblies of God Growth

The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the belief that the power of the Spirit is for today caused the Assemblies of God to start in 1914. Charisma publisher Steve Strang shares why he believes this Pentecostal fire is still fueling growth today.

Hope for a Voiceless Church

The battle to defend biblical marriage in America highlights a twofold problem that hits home for the church

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