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Nativity Scene

Help Save Christmas

Christians, be a part of changing public opinion on how we celebrate Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child

The Essence of Christmas

Give of yourselves freely and generously this Christmas. Your kind acts will be pleasing to God.

Steve Strang House

Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

Peace on earth and goodwill to men isn’t just a holiday phrase. It’s how we should live our lives 365 days a year.


Schooling Our Future Leaders

Why the new Charisma’s Best college resource for Spirit-filled students matters more now than ever

Joey and Steve

Making Disciples Via Lego Connections

You may not have heard of Filipino pastor Joey Bonifacio, but his LEGO Principle—a simple yet profound discipleship model—could change the American church.

Romney and Ryan

I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's stance on religious liberty, traditional marriage and abortion make him the Christian's candidate of choice on Nov. 6.

If My People Will Pray

America may be in crisis, but Charisma Founder Steve Strang there is hope: God is stirring hearts to seek Him—including the thousands gathering in Philadelphia Sept. 28-29. Will you be there?

Mike Huckabee

Draft Mike Huckabee for Vice President

Charisma Media Founder Steve Strang explains why former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee would be a winning choice as Mitt Romney's running mate in the upcoming presidential elections.

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