Dutch Sheets Says Dreams Revealed Prayer Strategy for Destroying Satanic Plot to Take Over America

Operation Valkyrie at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania, Dec. 2, 2020
Operation Valkyrie at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania, Dec. 2, 2020 (Facebook/Dutch Sheets)

Throughout the Bible, God uses dreams and visions to speak to His people, and we know He still speaks in this powerful way today. Prayer minister Dutch Sheets knows this better than most. He says dreams not only led him to go to Pennsylvania and lead prayer on Election Day but have guided him into strategies for his ministry. Most recently, this includes prayer-based Operation Valkyrie, in which thousands of believers are joining him, agreeing in prayer to help stop Satan's plan to take over our nation via mass election fraud.

"Because of three specific dreams leading up to the election, I felt led to go to Pennsylvania and pray, and I was there on Election Day," Sheets says. "Prophets were saying that Pennsylvania would be a key state in the election. ... Right after I was there, praying, the Lord gave another dream, which led us, No. 1, to take a team back there. And of course, by this point, we were in the controversy of the fraud accusations and praying that would be uncovered and exposed."

Sheets says the prayer team "came together in such a sovereign way. And it happened so fast. I literally texted some of my prayer leader, prophetic, apostolic friends around the country. I felt like this needed to be pretty high-level people, very mature. And I just thought, I need four or five of them to go there with me and help me in this prayer gathering."

But God came through in a miraculous way. Not only did 30 people pay their own way to join him in Pennsylvania, but 1,000 people from around the state did as well. "And it was just an amazing night of prayer," Sheets says. He then received a call from some people in Washington, D.C., asking him to come there to pray with them on the Friday before Thanksgiving week.

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When he did, Sheets says, the people there challenged him: "We believe that maybe you're supposed to do more of these, not just Pennsylvania. Maybe the Lord is asking you to go to all of these contested states and take a prayer team. ... And I was thinking, Wow, should we do this? This would be a difficult undertaking, and how would I put it together so quickly?"

Sheets says he thought maybe he should start after Thanksgiving, but his contacts told him he couldn't wait. The idea of putting together national prayer gatherings—held in different states but broadcast nationally—so quickly seemed impossible, he said. But, he adds, "It's the most sovereign thing I've ever seen. ... and hundreds of thousands, literally, hundreds of thousands of people have joined us through YouTube and livestream. .... There is a praying army right now that has determined, 'We're not letting go of this. We are going to stay in agreement. We're going to keep crying out until we see the breakthrough over this election.' It has been the most remarkable thing I've ever witnessed."

As Charisma News reported, further prophetic dreams brought the name Valkyrie to Sheets, one that has both literal and historical meanings. The word "valkyrie" is from Norse mythology, he says, and means "the choosers of the fallen or slain."

Valkyrie "were goddesses who were in charge of who lived or who died on the battlefield," Sheets says. "That was the literal meaning. Then it took on a historical meaning in the days of the Nazi regime in Germany. They had a plan that should the people of Germany ever rebel from the Nazi government and succeed somewhat in doing so, the Nazis had a plan to take back the country and stop that rebellion. And that was called Valkyrie. ... Valkyrie, in its simplest definition, was a plan to take over a country."

Operation Valkyrie, then, is a prayer strategy working to stop Satan's plan to take over the United States. "We knew that in the dream, the Lord was using this name to describe what's happening in our country: an attempt to take over the nation, to determine who will survive, who won't. That wouldn't be necessarily physically, but politically, the president would not survive. Valkyrie would determine who survives, and it was an effort to take on or take over our nation away from those of us who want it to be a Christian nation, who want to honor the Constitution and God's purposes for America."

Earlier this week, Sheets asked his team to return to Pennsylvania for another prayer gathering designed to destroy Valkyrie, with another 50,000 people joining to pray for their states. Sheets used his GiveHim15app, described in an earlier Strang Report podcast, to gather these prayer warriors. The intercessors joined in praying and declaring the appeal to heaven posted here. One friend who brought a group to pray at Independence Hall in Philadelphia told him that "when she finished her decree, right over top of Independence Hall, I have a picture of a shooting star. [There was] a cloudless sky, and this cloud formed right over Independence Hall that they believe the Lord was showing them was an angel," he says. "And we believe that we received breakthrough that night over our nation regarding this evil strategy to take over America. Obviously, things don't change overnight, but we believe so many sovereign things happened; we believe that this will prove to have been a night of incredible breakthrough against this strategy."

To learn more about Dutch Sheets and join him in the continuation of Operation Valkyrie, listen to this entire episode of The Strang Report here. And be sure to like, subscribe and share it on iTunes and at cpnshows.com with others who may want to join the army of tens of thousands of faithful Christians who are carrying out this battle in warfare prayer.

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