Prophet, Pastor Frank Amedia: President Will 'Trump This Election' Too

Frank Amedia
Frank Amedia (YouTube/Touch Heaven Ministries)

The countdown to the U.S. 2020 presidential 2020 election has begun in earnest. In fact, as I write this article, we're at 83 days.

Because of the importance of this election, particularly to those whose values line up with the Bible, I invited my good friend, pastor and prophet Frank Amedia, to join me on a recent episode of my God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast. Frank, you may remember from my book of the same name, is the head of Touch Heaven Ministries in Canfield, Ohio, and the first person I knew personally to prophecy that Trump would win the presidential race in 2016. In this podcast episode, Frank shared more about what the Lord has revealed to him—most importantly that despite tremendous odds, Trump will win reelection this year.

Prayers Answered

One of the reasons he believes Trump will win is that "God has heard the prayers of many years ... led and headed up by our dear friend and my beloved sister, Dr. Alveda King; our other good friend, Allan Parker; those who have been on the forefront of the cry for life against abortion for years, and the prayers that have gone forth, and He's going to answer those prayers," Frank said.

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Frank also said he believes Trump's reelection is closely tied to his relationship with Israel. "Part of what's going to fuel Trump back to this victory is because God's Word is true from Genesis 12 on 'those who bless her shall be blessed. Those who curse her shall be cursed.' ... in the Obama-Biden presidency, vice presidency, that administration, it's very evident," Frank said. "We know that there was not a love for Israel, and especially the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. We know that there was obstructionism going on between that relationship. And in fact, it forced Israel to begin to seek other allies because it couldn't rely on Obama. So Biden cannot call upon that blessing. In fact, he's bought into that curse. And Trump has brought this country that blessing, but he's not finished with what he needs to do there. We have open assignments."

Lawlessness Increased

Frank added that in a YouTube service on May 24 of this year, he prophesied that the spirit of delusion followed by lawlessness, referenced in Thessalonians (see 2 Thess. 2:1-12), were about to be released on the earth. "And this was a precursor, even as the Lord said he would begin to release the spirit of Elijah before the dark and gloomy day," Frank said. "So that's just about where we're at right now. And that this lawlessness would begin to prevail."

"Well, the very next day, George Floyd ... was murdered," Frank said. "He should not have died. That was an act of absolute violence against him. However, within three days, we saw cities ablaze. lawlessness, rioting, looting, people being killed and maimed and injured and hurt. And here we sit, six months later, and we've had a couple thousand police officers injured, maimed, killed. And just a couple hundred in Portland alone. [We've had] lawlessness."

Frank said Biden's "handlers" have said they will "reallocate the funds that are given to police organizations in different cities," and that "reallocate" is "just another word for completely defunding them." He said, "I don't believe lawlessness is going to get less. I think it's going to get worse. And I think the country's eyes are opening up to it."

Strategy Revealed

But Frank had still more to say about what God showed him. He sees the schools, particularly in relationship to COVID-19, as "a big issue." He said the progressive left and those led by the fear of COVID are making a big push to "pretty much cancel school." This is a problem, he said, for many working parents, including his daughter, who serves in the military and is on active duty. "This is a real issue," he said. "And Trump has been forthright on it. I'm hoping and praying that he comes up with some solutions for that."

Believers need to pray that Trump's advisers "reinvent his campaign," Frank said. "They stumbled out of the box thinking that they could do rallies again, and that's not going to work. They need to use media. ... I'd like us to pray that way," he told me.

"We know that while elections and people love the big cities, they're really won in the rural markets. If you can get all the rural votes, you'll win even if you lose the city," he said. "And a lot of those rural markets are served by television stations that aren't as expensive as some of the network stuff. If that same amount of money that was going to be used for rallies is put into those middle markets with regional rallies on television, time bought, I believe he's going to have a significant campaign.

"I've sent that forward to the campaign, and I'm praying with it," Frank added. "And I'd like everyone to pray with that. I really believe that's a word from the Lord. I believe it's a strategy. And I believe it'll get his message out.

But Frank sees one more crucial area for the Trump 2020 campaign: messaging. "What is he going to message?" Frank asked. "We all love him, and at the same time, we laugh with him, and sometimes we get red-faced with some of the shenanigans that he tweets and does. What he really needs to do now is to be point-specific, to stay on it, to stay out of issues he doesn't need to be involved in," he said.

Trump Delivered

Frank then spoke yet another prophetic word over Donald Trump. He said, "In September, as I prophesied several months ago, the Lord told me there was going to be a significant shift. When you and I talked about COIVD, and I said there was going to be a second thing released, and then I realized it was lawlessness. Before I gave that [prophetic word], the Lord said there would be a third one, but the third word would not be like the other two, and it would be clearly by His Spirit.

"What I saw, and what I'm sharing is that I saw Donald Trump and all of our hopes sinking into quicksand. I saw him up to his chin, in the quicksand," Frank said. "And then I saw the thumb and forefinger of the hand of the Lord come and pluck him by his head, right by the very thing that identifies him ... and flick him into the air, pull him out of that. And the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, 'He will soar once I deliver him from this quicksand.' And he will; he will trump this election.

"So I'm asking everyone to pray that way," Frank told me. "We're the birthers; we're the ones that are the midwives of this move of God, that's going to happen in September, and we don't need to know what it is to be like those that were in the temple [who] were waiting for the Messiah to come.

"We just need to know what's going to happen. So Steve, with your help, I'd like to invite people to pray that way. And then of course, we have a whole strategy and plan that we're posting on our website [at]"

Holy Spirit Ignored

When I shared with Frank my grief about the polls showing evangelical support for Trump has declined and the fact that the evangelical never-Trumpers are more vocal than ever, he said he believes we're in the era that precedes the last days. "We're in that season and in that period that's the precursor to the dark and gloomy day and then the coming of the Lord. And He said that hearts would wax cold.

"We get the, unfortunately, the graphic understanding of the church in Laodicea that shows the church in three different elements, hot, lukewarm and cold," Frank said. "And so what you're describing is lukewarm and cold—cold all the way to the contrast of never-Trumpers, and angry, even at the sake of forsaking a lot of the church faith rights in granting them and giving them away to a progressive Marxist socialist. ... I have no understanding how anybody could do that," he said.

Frank also said he doesn't understand how some evangelicals could support someone who isn't pro-life. "I can't explain that one other than the fact that it's just people that are ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit. The answer, first and foremost, is the Holy Spirit. And I believe as we'll be releasing more and more, we want to call upon and move in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that it's not by power, not by might, but by Spirit. And I believe that's part of what's going to be released and propelled in September. However this happens, it's going to be a move of the Holy Spirit as well.

Pastors Empowered

But Frank added one more part to his prophetic word. "There's a reluctance and, in fact, a training and a refusal." He told me that when I started this episode of God, Trump and COVID-19, I was "right on point" when I mentioned that Charisma Media, unlike many other churches and ministries, does not shy away from political discussions. If anything, I told Frank, "if people are empowered by the Holy Spirit, we should have authority over the enemy."

Frank agrees, but he said, "Unfortunately, many pulpits won't touch [politics]. And many denominations, they are instructing their pastors, as influential as they are, not to touch it.

"And really, when we go back to how this country was founded, and I'm sure you've listened to David Barton and the story of the Black Coats and how they would preach on Sunday and take their black robes off. And underneath that was their military uniform, and they would lead off with the men and the young boys and go fight for liberty and justice. Well, I think we need to pray that pastors will break out ... and they'll quit being intimidated, and they'll break out of that law," Frank said.

Public Activated

"Because you know what? ... If we were to call for people to register to vote, and literally had registration available right at the churches on a Sunday morning, just imagine how many more voters would be had," Frank said. "Just imagine how many would be activated and find out that it's a good thing to be able to go out and vote and know that there's causes that they're voting for—it's not necessarily a person, but causes that are important to them, our First Amendment right.

Frank told me, "I was so angered ... when Chief Justice Roberts [said] that they were going to restrict the assemblage and free speech of churches, upholding that Nevada rule, 50 people or less but yet, ironically, across the street, you could go to casinos and restaurants. And protests are allowed to happen because they have the free speech and right to assemble. But churches aren't, and in California, they can't. ... There is no higher court but the court of God to go to in this land to be able to honor our First Amendment rights," Frank said. "So there's a lot at stake, but it has to happen with the Holy Spirit in the churches with pastors and leaders."

To hear more of the specifics of Frank's prophetic words concerning the 2020 presidential election as well as his powerful prayer over it, listen to the entire podcast here. And be sure to share this article and podcast with anyone concerned about the downward slide our country has made.

I also invite you to check out, where you can find a free sample of my most recent book, God, Trump and COVID-19, along with three other books that give the spiritual side of Donald Trump's presidential journey. If we want a president who supports the values backed by our Founding Fathers and held dear by so many believers today, we need to pray, speak via our votes and encourage others to do the same.

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