What's Prophetically Behind the Scenes of the Unrest in America

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Jeremiah Johnson is a relatively young man but has remarkably accurate prophetic gifts. I did an article and podcast earlier this year with him about the coronavirus pandemic.

With the unrest in our country, Jeremiah says he's been in deep intercession and had a dream and vision that he believes gives us insight into the spiritual realm. When I learned he had shared this on Facebook, I invited him to my Strang Report podcast.

In the vision, he describes a demon manifested in a strange way and says evil spirits have come to disrupt systems, divert attention and release chaos—first with the novel Chinese coronavirus and then with the anger that has come with the tragic murder of George Floyd and the unrest it unleashed. This act released fear throughout the world, but Jeremiah says the real culprit behind it all is a spirit of fear.

"The Lord wants to release prophetic strategies so we know how to pray," Jeremiah told me. "I believe that God is wanting to release strategy and prophetic insight concerning the plans of the devil so that we know how to effectively pray in this hour and see victory in Christ."

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Jeremiah believes the world is being held hostage by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. He says much of the deception in the media is a diversion from God's plans for this generation.

I believe this will be an eye-opener for those who have "eyes to see, and ears to hear" (Deut. 29:4b). But I also believe prophecy must be judged. You can judge for yourself by listening to this episode. I also feel this is so important that I've included a partial transcript below. If you believe this is right, share it on social media and let us know your thoughts.

Here is a partial transcript of what Jeremiah Johnson said on my Strang Report podcast:

By way of ... a Holy Spirit revelation, I understood that what we're witnessing in 2020—beyond a virus, beyond racism and police brutality—is actually a diabolical and sinister agenda called greed. And I believe the Lord began to show me that there's been a wave of fear that has come upon the earth through the virus. And now there's this wave of anger that we're seeing through riots and looting in the streets. But actually what I believe God wants people to know is that the real culprit behind it all is greed. In other words, I believe the world is being held hostage right now by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness.

There's so much deception being spread through the media that now we must understand that what we're seeing and hearing on the news and social media is actually a diversion from the real truth. ... I believe that the African American race—and their justified pain—is being preyed on by an agenda filled with greed. I believe that [there's] an agenda behind the virus that hopes to vaccinate and dominate. I believe it's greed. And it's like I'm seeing this now in a new light that perhaps China, the WHO, George Soros, Bill Gates—if we follow the spirit of greed in this hour, it's not only going to expose the agenda behind the fear and hate, but it's going to lead us to the freedom that's only found in truth...

There's just this disturbance, if you will, in the spirit realm, that I believe through this encounter as a prophet of the Lord. In this nation, God is trying to release clarity. He's trying to expose the plans of the devil. I believe that we have to know how to pray to get effective results. And so I want to encourage the listener. ...

So there's a call to action, and there's a call to pray here I believe, and they're there. They're trying to release chaos. So as intercessors, as prophetic people, we've got to begin to pray. The Lord is calling some people like me to the night watch. I think for some of us, we've got to even begin to maybe stay up late at night and cover cities, cover our president, cover our businesses and our homes, and ask, "Lord, what am I not seeing? I hear what they're saying, but what are You saying?"

Again, we're seeing some of the fear and seeing some of the hate. But really, God is saying it's actually the spirit of greed and mammon that's fueling it. Also, I think that we can join together as the ekklesia and ask God to [expose] and target these three areas. I think that would really bring great strength and encouragement to the body. ..

Now, what I personally believe is coming, what the Lord showed me, is that I still believe that there's more shaking that's coming. I saw it like a three-cord thing where I saw we've seen the virus; we've seen the riots; I believe here shortly there [are] going to be storms. There [are] going to be several national events that take place regarding the weather. The weather is prophesied to help wake up the church, if I'm right. And obviously prophecy is up to judging and testing. I just believe we have to continue to buckle our seat belts. We have to continue to ask God to expose the plans of the enemy.

And remember the big picture. This is what upsets many people. This is really about, I believe, in many ways, election year. There's a shaking going on in the nation right now prior to the elections in November. If we will just ask God for grace to expose the strategies of the devil, He'll cause His people to prosper even in the midst of famine, and that as things shake, may we have the opportunity to present the hope of the gospel to as many as possible.

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