Will God Raise Donald Trump Up as a King David in Our Nation?

Donald Trump (Reuters)

Before Donald Trump became president, several prophets gave words about God using him as a modern-day King Cyrus. If you remember, King Cyrus was a pagan king during the Israelites' 70-year exile. God used Cyrus to bring His people back to their homeland.

Prophetic voices like Lance Wallnau spoke boldly during the 2016 presidential campaign that God would use Trump in a similar fashion. But what if Trump's role in God's plan goes beyond that of a pagan king? What if God wants to raise Trump up to be a kind of King David in his generation?

That's what apostolic leader David Chang believes. Chang is from Taiwan, though he has a strong love for the United States and has been interceding faithfully for Donald Trump for years, ever since he saw him on his show The Apprentice. Since the age of 13, Chang says, he has been receiving visions from God and hears His voice on a regular basis. I invited him on my podcast to discuss what he's hearing from God about our president right now.

"Whenever I pray for Donald Trump, I always remember he has the Cyrus destiny, and that's what I've heard for years and years," Chang says. "But last year and this year, I started to hear that he will become a King David."

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But how can God raise up a flawed man like Trump to walk in the destiny of King David, someone the Bible describes as a man after God's own heart? Chang says Christians must be cautious when asking that question.

"Nobody will be perfect," he says. "I think a lot of people criticize President Trump, but I don't. I don't want to do that. I don't want to follow in that direction because I know how imperfect I am. When I heard God talk about how [Trump] will be a King David, I was really, really, really shocked just because I think he has such a long distance to go to be a King David. But when I tried to [think] why he will be a kind of King David, I know it's because he will have a greater destiny. He will bring revival to this world."

Chang points out that King David of the Old Testament brought a huge revival to the people of Israel. For that reason, Chang believes God is going to use Trump not only to impact the United States, but to also impact the entire world.

For that to happen, though, God needs to change Trump's heart. Chang and his followers are crying out to God to put a strong desire in Trump's heart to follow after God in a deeper way and love people more deeply than he ever has before. They are praying for true repentance in Trump's heart of anything that may hinder him from walking closely with God.

"If Trump can start to go this way to become like King David, then he will have a destiny—not only a Cyrus destiny, but one of David," Chang says. "David changed the heart of the nation of Israel, and right now, President Trump has the potential to change this world."

As a believer, I would love to see revival spread across this world. And I'm sure you would too! So I'm going to pray alongside Chang and his church that God would shape Trump into the kind of leader who can stir up a worldwide revival.

Chang shared many other powerful insights about Trump and even about COVID-19, so I encourage you to listen to our full conversation on my podcast today. And if you enjoyed this article, share it with a friend or on your social media!

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