Why Trump's Impeachment Can't Stop Him From Winning 2020 Election


The U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday night to impeach President Donald Trump. The Democrats know the impeachment won't pass in the Senate, and yet they were determined to go as far with this process as possible.

The question is: Why?

Martin Clarke, a friend of mine and a Christian businessman from England, says it has everything to do with jealousy. After all, this impeachment campaign didn't start when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced it months ago. It started from day one of Trump's inauguration—perhaps his election.

Even the Washington Post acknowledged this on Jan. 17, when it posted an article titled "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun."

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I've often admired Clarke's keen observations and insights into American politics. Back when Trump was still campaigning for the 2016 election, Clarke told me he was convinced Trump would win. At that time, I was still warming up to the idea of Trump being the right person for the presidency. But Clarke saw it coming early on.

After discussing with Clarke over email what's happening in America regarding Trump, I knew I had to interview him about the topic. As a British businessman, he has a unique perspective on the impeachment against Trump and the left's incessant attacks against him.

Clarke believes the impeachment proved that Democrats are guilty of "kicking a man while he's up." After all, the stock market is at a historic high, interest rates are at a historic low and so are unemployment rates. Overall, America is in pretty good shape.

But that doesn't appease Democrats.

"Pray tonight for President Donald Trump," he says. "I have seen people kicked when they are down but this is kicking a man when he's up, and I, for one, don't understand it. President Trump has done nothing wrong, yet some of his fellow American are seeking impeachment for high crime and misdemeanors.

"... Why do democracies seek to inflict self-harm and threaten the very structure that supports the freedom they have? The luxury that Democracy and freedom bring should be embraced not abused in any political agenda or circumstance. The impeachment process wrongly used, as in this case, is the only high crime and misdemeanor."

In fact, the fiery opposition from the left has been so intense, Clarke doesn't understand how Trump has been able to endure it.

"How does he do it?" Clarke says. "Donald Trump is 73 years of age, but he's got the stamina of an 18-year-old. I know he has boasted of great health, but the man is under tremendous pressure. How he keeps going is a phenomenon."

It's Trump's stalwart resistance to the left's opposition that may win him the 2020 election.

Clarke says that, despite the impeachment and the stain it leaves on Trump's reputation, there is no way he won't win the presidency in 2020.

"I think Donald Trump will undoubtedly win the election in 2020," he says. "There's no opposition. America would be crazy to get rid of Donald Trump. ... China actually looks up to America and wants to copy America. America embraced China. China and America are two of the greatest economies in the world and will be doing business together—and rightly so. Trump has read that perfectly well. He's a businessman, and he's read the Chinese perfectly well. And they're about to sign this massive trade agreement, which will be good for both China and America."

If we want to see the good Trump has done continue through 2024, we need to pray for our president. He needs the Lord's protection and he needs our support.

Listen to my full interview with Clarke by clicking here!

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