Pat Robertson, Stephen Strang Unpack Why Trump Followers Are So Excited Right Now

Pat Robertson interviewing me on "The 700 Club" about "Trump Aftershock" (YouTube/CBN News)

I'm proud to announce that my latest book, Trump Aftershock, releases today. In it, I detail Trump's accomplishments since being elected and, as a result, what God is doing in our nation in this hour. You can find the book at or anywhere books are sold.

CBN founder Pat Robertson interviewed me on The 700 Club on Monday, Nov. 5, about Trump Aftershock. One thing Robertson pointed out was that I don't simply share my opinion in this book; I report the facts and back it up with pages of research. Trump Aftershock combines my journalistic training and my Christian worldview to give readers what I hope is an honest, God-centered look at all Trump has done since he was elected president.

Interestingly enough, one of the things I admire most about Trump is what most people hate: He's a disrupter. Since becoming president, he has exposed and uprooted much of the so-called deep state. After all, he promised during his campaign to drain the swamp, and I think he's doing just that. For example, if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, we would never have found out about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok's secret text messages. Clinton's administration would have covered the situation up, and Page and Strzok probably would have been promoted. Trump is cleaning house as no one else has because he doesn't care if people don't like him. Most other politicians, on the other hand, just want to keep everyone happy.

As I point out to Robertson, though, Trump's lack of concern for others' opinions of him has provoked a firestorm of opposition. This opposition includes radical leftist billionaires such as George Soros, Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer. These wealthy people have put millions of dollars toward hindering Trump's agenda. And that money isn't just going to campaigns; they're setting up organizations that give money to antifa and other leftist groups. There's even evidence that the liberal protests we're seeing on the news are funded by the left—even to the point of paying protesters!

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But even billionaire radicals can't stop the enthusiasm that follows Trump. Just a few weeks ago, he and Cruz joined forces at a rally, which sold out because so many people wanted to come. And this doesn't just happen in a handful of places; it's everywhere Trump goes. He packed out a stadium of about 6,000 in a small Nevada town, whereas Joe Biden was rallying across the state and got fewer than 200 people.

This enthusiasm, of course, isn't widely reported, but it reveals a level of excitement welling up in the American people. I can't help but think this is because Trump has kept his promises and is getting things done.

You can read more about Trump's accomplishments and how God is using him in Trump Aftershock. Order your own copy at It's also available at Walmart, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes&Noble and The Christianbook Group.

Click on the podcast below to hear my exciting conversation with Pat Robertson!

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