What Trump Has in Common With Winston Churchill and Gen. Patton

President Donald Trump (Facebook/Donald J. Trump)

If you read yesterday's Strang Report and listened to the podcast, you'll remember that I'm starting a media tour for my latest book, Trump Aftershock. I was blessed when my first political book, God and Donald Trump, did well in the book market. Thanks to people like you, it seems my new one is following the same pattern.

To help prepare for this upcoming season of media promotion, I recorded a Q-and-A interview that my public relations firm, Hamilton Strategies, will send to radio stations across the country. Yesterday, I shared with you the first half of that interview, and today I'm giving you the first look into the second half.

In this section of the interview, I detail how Trump stands strong despite media and establishment backlash, how Obama is trying to undermine Trump's presidency and how Trump continues to fight for religious freedom (much to the left's chagrin).

For these reasons, I compare Trump to Winston Churchill because Churchill had a sense of destiny—and he was also not a very popular person. The Brits didn't really like him until they needed someone very strong when it looked like they were going to be overtaken by the Nazis. He was a person the Christian community didn't like. The conservative Christians of the day in Britain didn't like him because he liked smoking cigars and loved drinking brandy. He started drinking in the morning, and by 8 p.m., he couldn't even do business.

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And yet Churchill was strong. Churchill's example goes to show that God uses whomever He wants, and they are often people who are very flawed. You see this again and again in the Bible. Churchill was a deeply flawed man, but God still raised him up to save Western civilization.

It's the same with General George S. Patton. Patton had a foul mouth and a serious problem with anger, and yet he was one of the best generals we ever had. In that very dark hour of World War II, he won a significant battle.

In my book, I share a story about Patton that reveals the mercy of God. During the Battle of the Bulge, it was winter, and the weather was horrible. There was terrible fog, to the point that the soldiers couldn't move much. So Patton ordered his chaplains to write a prayer that God would lift the fog. Then he ordered his soldiers to stand in formation and recite the prayer.

While many Christians nowadays, including me, don't recite our prayers, that's how Patton and his men called out to God. The soldiers prayed God would lift the fog, and He answered them. This true story—which was a major turning point in WWII—gives me a lot of respect for Patton, who is said to not have been very religious at all.

In a similar way, Trump is known for not being very religious. In fact, Robert Jeffress—who pastors First Baptist Church in Dallas and whom I interviewed for Trump Aftershock—said that "Donald Trump may not be the most religious president we've ever had, but he's certainly the most pro-religion."

I think Jeffress is exactly right. But Trump's pro-religious victories are not the story the leftist media want to tell. Whereas news outlets would love to highlight Trump's flaws and past moral failures, I wrote Trump Aftershock to tell the story of God's hand at work in Trump's presidency. I write about how Trump is fulfilling his promise to protect Americans' religious liberty, to the point of threatening Turkey with sanctions if they didn't free wrongfully imprisoned pastor Andrew Brunson. Thanks to Trump's persistence, Turkey did free Brunson, who is finally home safe with his family.

You can read about this and much more in Trump Aftershock, which releases Election Day, Nov. 6. And if you order the book before the release date, you can receive a package of free items, including free e-books of Trump Aftershock and God and Donald Trump, an immediate PDF download of the first three chapters of Trump Aftershock and a subscription to Charisma magazine.

To claim your free items, all you have to do is order the book from trumpaftershock.com, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Walmart, Books-a-Million or christianbook.com. Then simply go to trumpaftershock.com and fill out the form at the bottom of the home page.

To listen to the entire second half of my media interview, click on the podcast below!

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