God Using Donald Trump to Shake Things Up

U.S. President Donald Trump and wife, Melania (U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Gabrielle Spalding)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are the latest in a relatively long line of casualties in Washington, and many are wondering who will be the next to hear Donald Trump's famous line: "You're fired."  The president is staying true to his commitment to "drain the swamp"—but from inside the White House as well.

President Trump may not have thought his "drain the swamp" mantra would apply to inside his own administration, but that's exactly what seems to be happening. Donald Trump is making sure that those who are not on board with his agenda, or who may be compromising his plan to "Make America Great Again" won't stay around long. In all this, I see God's hand.

If you've read my book God and Donald Trump, you've seen the Lord's hand in raising up Donald Trump. If you haven't read it, I hope you'll order it and encourage your friends to do so. The sales are strong but slowing, and I want the momentum to continue.

In the book, I also write about the early months of his administration to show God is still working His purposes through this unlikely leader. One of the main things to be cleaned up are those inside the political process who tend to be in "public service" for themselves, not really committed to true change.

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Until recently, few in the general public knew the term "deep state." Basically, these are the government bureaucrats who run the government out of public view—the government that doesn't change no matter which party holds power. The bureaucracy, the lobbyists, the insiders, the establishment and even the intelligence agencies are involved. Even if most Americans are unaware of these men and women, they know intuitively that something is wrong with the way the government operates. When Trump ad-libbed on the campaign trail that he was going to "drain the swamp," he was talking about the permanent bureaucracy and the deep state, and the crowds erupted in cheers. Finally, someone was going to deal with the unaccountable cadre that looks out after its own interests rather than the interests of the American people.

To encourage you to read God and Donald Trump, I also give an inside look at the Donald Trump campaign, election and the presidency thus far, including how he engaged with evangelicals and other faith groups to claim victory.

For more information on God and Donald Trump visit godanddonaldtrump.com and view the book's video. Visitors to the site can also download a free chapter and order the book.

Finally, for those readers who are within driving distance of St. Augustine, Florida, you may be interested in hearing me speak next Monday, April 2, 2018, at 7 p.m. at the Trump Club of St. Johns County. When they learned about the book, they invited me to speak—and they expect a good turnout. It will be at the Fraternal Order of Police, 5050 Inman Road, St. Augustine, Florida. I am hoping to put it on Facebook Live.

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