Expert Predicts: Internet of Things and Global Brain Make Way for Anti-Christ 'Beast System'

TruNews' Rick Wiles (YouTube )

As reported yesterday on Charisma News, YouTube has demonetized the videos of Dr. Michael Brown. He asks for our help protesting this unfair business tactic. Recently, journalist Lee Stranahan had his YouTube channel taken down because he discussed radical Islam.

Rick Wiles of TruNews believes this is the beginning of a trend: The world system will cut off access to Christians or anyone who isn't politically correct. He believes Christians need an alternative platform, and he's working to build one.

I talked to him on my podcast (below) about some of the futuristic things he's learned while researching how to build this platform. It's amazing to hear some of the things he has to say:

  • Telephone companies are investing $1 trillion to develop 5G, which will be available in the West in five to seven years and in the entire world by 2030.
  • 5G is necessary for the "next level" of technology, which they are calling "the internet of things." In it, everything you own, including your shoes, sends data to a central processing place Rick calls the "global brain."
  • This technology will allow for "smart cities," driverless cars and artificial intelligence. (If you're in the car business, you'll want to hear his amazing predictions.)

Rick says that soon, your shoes will have more brainpower than you do, and they will feed information about where and how fast you are walking into this global brain. Sound incredible? Well, "the cloud" seemed incredible when we first heard about it. So did the internet. I remember when I first began hearing we would have smartphones that had more individual computing power than the satellite that took the first astronauts to the moon in 1969.

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We only touch on the high points in this podcast, but you'll want to hear it for yourself. Rick warns: "It's later than you think, body of Christ."  

Of course, we know technology is also used to spread the gospel. Think of the printing press, airplanes and television that have allowed the gospel to go where it never went before. Rick believes there will one day be virtual street evangelists witnessing to people who live in virtual reality 24/7.

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