How the Presidential Election Will Affect Christians and Why I'm Concerned if Donald Trump Wins

Ted Cruz supporters know how crucial this presidential election is for conservatives.
Ted Cruz supporters know how crucial this election is for conservatives. (Kamil Krzaczynski/For Reuters)

It's been said that the 2016 election is the most important presidential election in our lifetime. The country has taken a real shift to the left (and all that it represents in terms of ungodliness) in the last eight years.

Who would have thought when Barack Obama was elected (and said that he supported traditional marriage) that so-called "same-sex marriage" would become the law of the land within his administration?

Now, with a Supreme Court opening, if a liberal justice is put in, there will be a permanent liberal majority, which means that many of the rights that we hold dear will erode. We have seen our religious liberties diminish significantly. If nothing else, the decision on the Supreme Court judge is one of the most important reasons to vote for a conservative.  

As everyone knows, a battle is raging in the Republican Party between Ted Cruz—who I have endorsed—and Donald Trump. As I have written, in spite of my strong support for Ted Cruz, there are a lot of things about Donald Trump that I admire including his boldness, his refusal to say what is politically correct and how he promises to be a strong leader regarding the fight against Islamic terrorism, among other things.

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However, Trump has never been elected to public office, so we don't really know how he would govern, and that concerns me. Many of his stated policies are almost scary, and we don't know if it is just political rhetoric or if he would really govern that way. (For example: he would make Mexico pay for building a wall.)

Also, while Trump espouses conservative doctrines, he has not been a lifelong conservative. And, we don't know if he would remain consistent with his views.   

Many times politics comes down to the "lesser of two evils." There are many situations in which I would pick Donald Trump because of the serious concerns I have about whoever is on the other side. I would probably pick him over John McCain and Mitt Romney if that choice presented itself. Both were basically "liberal" Republicans when they ran for president.

But that situation doesn't exist here. Instead in Ted Cruz there is a principled conservative running with a record for shaking up things in Washington. Cruz is also a committed Christ follower.

I heard Cruz say on television that he understands that we are not electing a pastor-in-chief but a commander-in-chief. I agree with that. But if there is someone who shares my values and he actually has a chance to win, I will support him.

And Ted Cruz does have a chance to win! Trump is still the front runner, but in primaries such as Wisconsin's today (Tuesday), polls show Cruz ahead and gaining week after week. It is almost as if people are waking up to the fact that Trump—while a celebrity whose media interviews generate big ratings and who has everyone focused on him winning the Republican nomination—is not necessarily the best candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton.

If we put Trump in the White House—or worse Hillary Clinton—our "cause" will be set back decades. There is a trend toward the Left that goes back to the 1960s. We had a respite when Ronald Reagan was elected, and I believe the same thing would happen if we elect Ted Cruz.  

It is going to take more than one person being elected to the White House to turn America around. I plan to deal with that and why I'm disappointed in some of the Christian leaders who seem more concerned about their own churches or ministries than being a prophetic voice to the nation in a future Strang Report.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Steve Strang is the founder of Charisma Media and president of Christian Life Missions. He is also the author of the best-seller God and Donald Trump. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Click here to subscribe to the Strang Report podcast, and here to sign up for the Strang Report newsletter.

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