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return to antioch

A Prophetic Word for 2013: Return to Antioch

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire is sounding the alarm with a clear prophetic directive to leave behind the Hollywood Christianity, the pillow prophets, the prosper-me gospel.


#CutForBieber Trend Mocks Pain of Tormented Teens

The #CutForBieber Twitter campaign makes light of a serious issue plaguing many of today's youth. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire calls out the mockers and prays for cutters.

Rebuilding the wall

Don’t Let the Spirit of Sanballat Distract You

Is the spirit of Sanballat working to discourage you from building what God has called you to build? Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire shares from her personal experiences and offers biblical advice for dealing with Sanballat.


Is the Great Falling Away Already Underway?

Could the great falling away already be underway? Could we be witnessing the first fruits of the great falling away even now? Are we at least seeing a shadow of the Great Apostasy? Consider the signs of the times.


What If December 21 Really Is the End of the World?

We can make fun of the doomsday preppers and New Agers today, or we could take another approach to the hysteria. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire responds to the end-of-the-world hype.

angry devil

When Casting Out Devils Brings Retaliation

Have you ever faced backlash after casting out devils? Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insights for deliverance ministers in the midst of the spiritual battle.


How God Delivered Me From the Demon of Pharmakeia

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire shares her long-term struggle with drug use, her deliverance, and why the momentum for legalizing marijuana causes her to drop to her knees in intercession for today's youth.

did God say that?

Was it God or the Devil? Discerning Satanic Hindrances

Paul's journeys show that sometimes the Holy Ghost prevented him from going forward--but sometimes it was Satan. Charisma News editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insight into how to discern where the resistance is coming from.

tight lipped

When Spiritual Warfare Makes You Bite Your Tongue

Wisdom is the principal thing, but understanding how to apply Scriptural wisdom in the face of intense spiritual warfare is vital. Jennifer LeClaire offers a Holy Spirit key to avoiding the devil's snare in the face of attack.

woman praying

Does Romney Loss Mean God Didn’t Answer Our Prayers?

From churches to houses of prayer to solemn assemblies—petitions for a leader who would govern our nation according to the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was founded went forth day and night. What happened?

sleeping church

A Prophetic Message to the Sleeping Giant: Wake Up!

The church is divided over the presidential elections despite clear calls to vote according to biblical values. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire pleads with the church to consider the big picture.

armor of God

When the Prophetic Word Brings Spiritual Warfare

It's always exciting to get a powerful prophetic word, but be sure to prepare for the spiritual warfare that will surely follow, says Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire.

malicious gossip

Why Spread Rumors About People Who Leave Your Church?

Who wants to follow a pastor who curses the sheep who leave the flock? Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers a sobering message for spiritual leaders who get offended when people exit the church.

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