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Jezebel's puppets

Discerning Jezebel’s False Prophetic Puppets

Jezebel had at least 850 false prophetic puppets to manhandle. These 850 prophets came from two different camps in Israel—they were the prophets of Baal and the prophets of Asherah, sometimes called the prophets of Jezebel. Can you recognize them today?


Is Jezebel Trying to Make You Her Eunuch?

Discerning and dealing with Jezebel's eunuchs is part and parcel of defending against the work of this wicked spirit. If Jezebel can't flow through you, she'll settle for making you a eunuch.


Will the Real Ahab Please Stand Up?

Ahab wore the king’s signet ring and sat on the throne, but Jezebel was pulling his strings. So how do you recognize an Ahab spirit—and steer clear of false accusations that damage relationships? Know this enemy from Scripture.

emotional pain

Enduring Gut-Wrenching Pain to Find Your New Beginning

If you are going through a season of change—especially gut-wrenching changes—how do you position yourself to walk worthy of your calling? How do you yield to God’s will while resisting the enemy? Jennifer LeClaire speaks from personal experience and Scripture.

Why I'm Praying God-Mockers Start Praying in Tongues

In response to a New York Times column about talking in tongues, mockers came out in droves, insisting it's for weak-minded believers and calling this spiritual gift delusional, self-induced and hallucinational. Really?


What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Quitting is simply not an option. If we lay our weapons down, the devil won’t just forfeit his position and pursue someone else. So, how do we fight in the face of devastating trials that seek to rob us our of faith in the goodness of God?


God’s Prophet Jailed for Refusing to Compromise Prophetic Word

Would you be willing to go to jail to maintain the purity of your prophetic ministry? Or would you go along with the prophets who give way to spirits of divination, Jezebel spirits, witchcraft or lying spirits to keep the offerings pouring in?

rebuking devils

Rebuking Demons and the Danger of Playing Holy Ghost

If you are prophetic, you probably see the spirits operating behind the scenes. But that doesn't mean you should rush to a rebuke. Take a lesson from the apostle Paul in waiting on the Holy Spirit's timing.

eating in church

5 More Rude Things People Do in Church

Jesus warned us to be careful how we listen, so why are so many people disrespecting the word of truth by engaging in distracting behaviors in church?

shaking the dust off your feet

Knowing When It’s Time to Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

Sometimes we have to shake the dust off our feet and even shake out our garments when the word of the Lord is continually rejected in a church. Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight on this serious matter.

Matthew Lesko

Who’s Getting Rich With the Get-Rich-Quick Gospel?

Get-rich-quick schemes, er, programs are a dime a dozen—but they’ll leave you with empty pockets and plenty of useless products if you buy into them. And the get-rich-quick gospel may cost you a little more. 

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