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cloud with light

5 Ways God Speaks to His People

There are many, many ways God communicates with His people. In Part 1 of this series, we'll look at 5 common ways.

Spiritual Power

A Powerful Prophetic Promise for the Weary

The enemy of your soul wants to make you think perception is reality. Thank God He's given us this prophetic promise to overcome our skewed perspectives.


Wrestling With Wicked Witchcraft—and Winning

As demonic activity increases, people report feelings of oppression, fatigue, spiritual warfare against the mind, and even physical manifestations. Sound familiar?


What the Python Spirit Really Wants

Symptoms of a python attack range from weariness to a loss of passion to hopelessness. But python is really after this 1 thing.

Sleeping man

4 Wicked Ways the Enemy Puts You to Sleep

Paul clearly warned us not to be ignorant of the devil's devices. Jennifer LeClaire unveils four of them as she cries out for the sleeping giant to arise.

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