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sleepy woman

When the Enemy Lulls You to Sleep

We're like modern-day Samsons, seduced and lulled to sleep by devilish Delilahs, but there remains hope if we do this one thing.

Do Some Christian Men Really Hate Women?

More than one "righteous man" has cursed me, insisting God was going to slam the gates of heaven in my face in the name of a "gentle rebuke."


Why You Need the Apostolic Grace

The victor is often the one that can endure the longest. The apostolic grace is an enduring grace and apostolic living is a life of endurance.


When in Islam, Do as the Muslims?

What do you do when you are smack-dab in the middle of a Muslim nation that disdains Americans, offers little respect to women and is determined to make sure you know it?

Wilderness seasons

3 Reasons You Might Be in the Wilderness Right Now

Are you in a wilderness season? You don’t want to stay there any longer than you have to. Discerning the reason for the season could help you cooperate with God to move out more quickly.

presumptuous prophet

The Danger of Presumptuous Prophets

Presumption is like a poison pill for prophets and prophetic people. Find out the true dangers of presuming to speak for God Almighty.

chess match

One Surefire Way to Lose in Spiritual Warfare

Fulfilling your prophetic promise means engaging in a battle to dispossess all the so-called “-ites” from the land. But if you make this one mistake, you could lose before you even get to the battle line.

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