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Jesus' Blood

The blood of Jesus provides us with the greatest weapon in the Christian's arsenal.

In Jesus’ Name

When we pray in Jesus' name, it is the same as if Jesus were praying.

Abide in the Word

Abiding in the Word and allowing it to abide in us gives us more power in our prayer lives.

Good Enough?

God loves you, and He wants you to believe it and receive it all the time.

Stop Worrying

If we spend today worrying about tomorrow, we will become tired and frustrated.

Be Thankful!

There is much for us to be grateful for, and we need to focus on it every day of the year.

God’s Perfect Plan

God has designed and set into action a plan specifically engineered for our lives.

Live in God's Peace

Our joy and peace come as a result of our relationship with the Lord.

The Power of Grace

Grace is the power of God made available to meet all our needs.

Press Past Your Pain

Don't allow the painful feelings of your past to ruin your future.

Addicted to Approval?

The only way out of bondage is to begin seeking God's approval instead of man's approval.

Peaceful on Purpose

We need to make up our minds that we are going to have peace.

Unselfish Love

Being able to adapt to others is the hallmark of a true Christian.

Develop Your Potential

The development of personal potential should be the No. 1 job of every Christian.

The Power of Conviction

If you heed conviction, it lifts you out of sin and leads you back to the heart of God.

Fear Not!

Fear is one of Satan's favorite tools for harassing Christians.

The Flesh Is Weak

When temptation comes, our spirit is willing to do right, but our flesh is not.
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