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Joyce Meyer

Happiness and Humility: A Most Unusual Pair

Happiness and Humility feel like opposites because it hurts to submit to authority and go through humbling situations and seasons of life. But humility really does bring us happiness!

Joyce Meyer

The Most Important Thing

Do you know what intimacy with God is all about? Do you know what matters more to God than any other thing?

Joyce Meyer, Finish What You’ve Started, Charisma Magazine

Finish What You’ve Started

We all may have some ideas, dreams or goals sitting on the shelf. Joyce Meyer shares some insight, based on the Word of God, that will encourage you to “begin again,” even if you have to “do it afraid”!

Joyce Meyer - Getting Past Your Past

Getting Past Your Past

God loves new beginnings! And He has a fresh start for you, too, if you’ll spend time in God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit guide you.


Unclogging Your Spiritual Arteries

Having clogged spiritual arteries is worse than a physical heart condition. Do you know how to keep a healthy flow of Christ within you?


What’s Your Heart’s Condition?

What’s in your heart is what comes out. Do your spiritual checkup and find out what type of heart condition you have.


The Beauty of Brokenness

As you put your faith in God to break you, mold you and make you what He’s created you to be, the Potter will make you an amazing work of His hand!

Living a Life of Love

Jesus is love, so you can rest in the truth that He is patient with you, He’s always with you, He believes in you and will not give up on you.

Joyce Meyer

The Simple Truth About True Love

We often think we need someone to love us, but what we really need is someone to love. And therein lies the power of the gospel.

It’s Time to Finish Well

Instead of focusing on big-picture things that might happen someday, prepare yourself now to receive what’s coming


How to Overcome Fear With Faith

Don't spend your life in so much fear of making a mistake that you never do anything. Here's how to overcome your fear. 


How Worship Wins the Battle

As we worship the Lord, we release the emotional or mental burden that is weighing us down. Learn how worship will help you win the war for your soul. 

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