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free woman

Are You Self-Righteous?

God taught a lesson to Joyce Meyer that set her free. Here's how this lesson can set you free too.

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How We Are Changed by His Grace

The idea of conforming to the image of Christ can be intimidating. Here's how grace is the engine for your transformation.

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The Key to Living a Great Life

We all have things on our "wish lists," things we want or need or would just like to have. But this is what we really need.

angry Christian

Is God Angry at You?

If you struggle with feeling that God is disappointed in you or angry because you don't do everything right, let this truth set you free.
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Do You Have a Vision for Your Future?

It's dangerously easy to lose sight of your purpose and end up just spinning your wheels or meandering about. Discover your purpose and chart your path today!

Dead tree

Letting Go of the Dead Stuff in Your Life

Are you dragging "dead branches" of your past through life with you? Joyce Meyer shows you how to prune away this baggage so you can fully experience the life God has planned for you.


Watch God Work in Your Life Continually

Joyce Meyer addresses the pervasive question, 'Am I doing enough for God?' The answer, and its practical application, could change your life.


Overcoming Evil With Good

It's so much harder to live with anger than it is to live with God's peace, love and joy. Joyce Meyer shares the freedom in turning the other cheek, and all the blessings that can come with it.

Angry woman

Learning to Manage Anger and Walk in Peace

Though anger starts as a harmless feeling, it can quickly grow into something dangerous that's hard to control. But with God's help, we can learn how to deal with our feelings and walk in His peace.


How to Live Beyond Fear

Break free from fear's bonds and discover the life God has created you for!

Stairs out of darkness

Breaking Free From the Bonds of Fear

Fear is an enemy that torments the soul and seeks to steal our life. Conquering it is not something that we do in 1 day, or even in 1,000 days. It is something that we conquer 1 day at a time with God's help.

Washing feet

Learning to Love Like Jesus

Jesus said the world would know we are His by our love. Discover how you can demonstrate that Christ-professing love on a daily basis!

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