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prophetic puzzle

Connecting the Prophetic Dots of Your Destiny

Searching for your calling? The Holy Spirit is leaving prophetic clues. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers insights into how to connect the prophetic dots so you can fulfill your destiny.

R. Loren Sanford

A Prophetic Look at Post-Election America

Pastor R. Loren Sanford says that God elected President Barack Obama, but He didn't choose him. Sanford shares what Christians can expect from the next four years and how they should respond. 

true and false prophets

True or False? 'Prophets' Rising in the Land

The late Art Katz called out an issue in prophetic ministry that has grown worse in modern days: the popularity of labeling oneself a prophet. Hear Katz's cry to maintain the dignity of the office of the prophet.


A Tsunami Wave of Revival Is Coming

Rick Joyner shares insight on the rise of religious persecution and what he prophetically sees as the biggest move of God on the earth of all time.

prophetic voices

Where Is the Samuel Generation of Prophetic Voices?

Doug Stringer recenty awoke from a dream with these words echoing in his spirit, over and over: “Save America!” Who will save America? Who will answer the cry? He is calling for a Samuel generation of prophetic voices to arise.

remnant praying

The Remnant is Rising!

The remnant is rising and refuses to bow down to the principalities and powers that have targeted this nation for destruction. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire shares a prophetic word from the America for Jesus rally in Philadelphia.

man hiding face, condemned

Shake Yourself Loose From Condemnation

Have you found yourself in the downward spiral of self-condemnation? Francis Frangipane discusses how our sin can push us to that point, and explains how the Lord can pull us out of it.

prophetic evangelism

Prophetic Evangelism Giving Rise to Prayer Storm

Are you a messenger with a message? James Goll lays out what he believes is the Lord's plan for prophetic evangelism in this hour as he challenges believers to "go for the double."


Persecution Driving Fast Toward American Church

The Chick-fil-A drama may be over, but R. Loren Sandford is prophesying that this is just the beginning of persecution in the American church. Find out what he believes is coming next.

abusing God's grace

The Danger of Abusing the Grace of God

David Ravenhill offers a sober warning: A spiritual identity thief is perverting God's grace and love. Get prophetic insight on how to avoid this dangerous trap.


Jezebel, Occultism and the End-Time War on the Saints

Has occultism and Jezebel's witchcraft crept into modern-day prophetic ministry? Charisma news editor Jennifer LeClaire explores this sign of the end-times and warns against this subtle deception.

Aaron and Hur

A Season for the Aarons and Hurs to Arise!

Sandie Freed shares a recent prophetic dream that reveals what she sees as a demonic assignment against the body of Christ and keys to the season ahead.

glory of god

Is the Glory of God Departing From US?

First Samuel chronicles one of Israel's darkest hours—an hour when the glory of the Lord departed. Doug Stringer offers prophetic insight into what the American church can learn from this sobering time in Israel's history.

Sandie Freed

Accessing the Riches

Are you satisfied with the level of breakthroughs you have experienced? Have you been witnessing the promises that God has spoken to you? Sandy Freed discusses a word she heard from the Lord.
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