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Sunlight bursts through sunflower

We Are in a Season of Giving Birth

Ken Malone's prophetic vision reveals many are beyond full term—and what has prevented the birthing of God's purposes from coming forth.

Prayer and prophecy

The 9 Ms of Prophetic Diversity

James Goll has identified new realms of diversity in the prophetic ministry. Find out what he sees and how it's part of the prophetic adventure.

Biblical standards

9 Scriptural Tests for Judging Supernatural Experiences

In today's increase of supernatural activity, we need to make certain our foundation is sure and that the plumb line of God's Word is our standard. Let's drop the plumb line of God's Word in our lives!

Chuck Pierce

Chuck Pierce Prophesies 'Dragons Are On the Move'

"Dragons are on the move, and even the Great Dragon is now mounting up. Nations that will align are now aligning," prophesies Chuck Pierce. Read the entire prophetic word, and discern what this may mean for your life.

Cindy Jacobs

'Shields Up!' A Prophetic Warning for America

For the Lord says, "Shields up! This is the time for the watchman to have keen eyes and discernment. The enemy is at the door and wants to stir up havoc, but I will give My people eagle eyes to see what is being planned."

R. Loren Sandford

Could Ukraine Crisis Stop Worldwide Revival?

Seven years ago, when R. Loren Sandford first visited Ukraine, he prophesied that Ukraine was and is a stealth torpedo in the Lord’s arsenal that the enemy of our soul could not see coming.

Michael Brown

The Spirit Is Saying 'Forward'!

"Why is it that many Christian leaders are calling us to retreat from the front lines of the controversial social issues of the day when this is where the battle is raging most?" 

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