Just as what Cain built was outside the presence of God (see Gen. 4), so is much of what has been built in our day. But we are on the verge of a great awakening, a revival of unprecedented proportions. God's presence is going to fill His people in such an all-encompassing way that what we thought was the glory in times past will pale in comparison to what is about to be manifested. William Seymour, the leader and visionary of the Azusa Street Revival, prophesied that there would be another move of God about 100 years after Azusa that would outshine it. His timeframe would put us into the present day: 2009-2010.

But before God can come in this all-encompassing manner, certain things have to be moved out of the way. We are in a massive restructuring and rebuilding "program." God has removed and is removing His blessing from those things personally and corporately that are not carriers of His presence and power. He is allowing them to fall or to fail. He is even throwing "grenades" into programs and activities that keep us busy and distracted from our No. 1 priority: Himself.

God also has to break our trust in everything that neuters our faith in Him. He is looking for a people who are radically surrendered to and dependent on Him. The kingdom of God can move with the greatest power and demonstration only through those who dare to risk all and believe.

Do not fear or be anxious about what you see falling apart or breaking down in this season. I believe God is orchestrating the destruction to:

  • Cleanse us of the things we put our trust in that will keep us from leaning wholly on Him
  • Break down formal structures that impede His presence and movement so the original intent of Pentecost as a grassroots, bottom-up movement (not a hierarchical, rigid structure) can be recaptured
  • Move out of the way the things that consume our time, energy and devotion but are no longer our assignment
  • Restore our focus on relationship rather than tasks. It is relationships—first with God and then with people—that frame the mandate for our tasks.
  • Create desperation. When everything we have been, done and trusted in breaks down or goes awry, we begin to cry out. There is a crying out that not only saves but also delivers. The Israelites experienced it in Egypt (see Ex. 2-3). But the cries weren't birthed until the way they were living no longer worked for them.

Do not fear the breakdowns occurring all around you. Begin to lift up your voice and cry out to God. God is about to light up every person, every place that cries out in honest desperation.

The army has arrived and is marching across this nation. Things are falling apart on every side. However, the purpose of the collapse is not destruction but transformation. If we respond to God, the lights will turn on across this nation with the greatest awakening in history—greater than Azusa Street.

It is time to cry out. Don't delay! Lift up your voice and unabashedly cry until God hears, comes and pours out His salvation.

About the author: Barbara J. Yoder is the founder and senior pastor of Shekinah Christian Church (shekinahchurch.org) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is known for her cutting-edge apostolic and prophetic breakthrough ministry. She travels nationally and internationally ministering in churches, conferences and seminars. Yoder is the author of several books, including Taking on Goliath (Charisma House). To order a copy of the book, click here.

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