Prophecy for 2019: God Is Releasing Strong Anointing to Write on Prophets, Psalmist

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The fall season has always been a very special month for me for many reasons. Every year around this time, God faithfully gives me insight into the coming year. The 2019 year can possibly be one of the most heavenly minded years that many people have ever seen.

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:14).

The word "high" in the verse above is the same as "upward or above." What Paul is referring to in this passage is: The highest calling in our life is the call that is above everything else on earth; it is the pursuit of kingdom life, which transcends the lowest level (death). Paul is making a connection that walking with Jesus on earth will bring us both the "overcoming life" and the "eternal life," which therefore becomes the highest calling we can ever pursue. Paul sees both the race (living the kingdom on earth) and the prize (being with Jesus for eternity) as the highest level of living that is possible. At the end, we win both the race and the prize.

2019 is the year of the higher calling: Living in the heavenlies while we are fruitful on earth. There are six major themes for 2019 that God gave me, and in a specific order. Pay close attention to the beginning and ending themes below.

  1. Priorities of the world will drop lower; kingdom responsibilities will rise higher.

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In the first open vision, I was overlooking a thriving city (Hollywood) at night. As I watched, the glistening lights within the city dropped out one by one. Before long, the brightness was gone and the town was dim. The dimming lights represent the influence of the entertainment industry and how it negatively affects the body of Christ. The good news is that this mainstream media clutch is losing its power over many Christians.

We are coming out of our "man caves" of entertainment to display kingdom power to the world. The Lord's church wasn't designed to be tucked away in the closet somewhere.

  1. Prophets find their places above the cliffs along the mountaintops.

Next, the Lord showed me an extremely high mountain. Way up along the side of this towering rock was an eagle sitting in its nest. It appeared that the eagle's nest was right above a dangerous cliff. The image was breathtaking! This eagle, however, welcomed extreme locations and situations in order to see views that no other eagle could see. If you want to see further than everyone else, you must be willing to position yourself where no one else is willing to go.

There were many horizons stretched out as far as one could see. This represented many decades coupled with a lot of insightful teachings and vision coming from the prophets. There is a greater responsibility being placed on prophets to position themselves on the mountaintops in order to see at a much greater distance than in the past. The office of the prophet will have a higher respect among believers, one that reaches further out into other denominations and fellowships that once denied the prophetic voice of the church.

  1. What appears to be a step backward for many will be a step forward.

I saw many people sitting around tables and in living rooms talking to other family members and friends about the different decisions they were facing. There were many older individuals going back to college after a long time of not being in school. They were finishing what they started years ago. I noticed many others going back to work after a long time off. There were also a lot of families taking the steps to go back to church again. Many had been out of church for a long, long time. There will be a lot of people going back to this or that this year, and it might look like they are taking a step backward, but they are really stepping forward.

  1. Psalmist: "I miss My time with you!"

In another vision, I saw a dark empty room, an area that felt as though there wasn't any life left within it. Here, I heard the Lord say, "Psalmist, where are you? I miss my time with you." I immediately noticed the psalmist's hand struck the piano keys, and I heard the sound of heaven go into the airways. As the sound went out into the room, the light of God lit up the atmosphere. The Spirit took over the heart and hands of the psalmist, and then the glory rested in the room. Immediately the room was filled with people who were there to worship Him.

Then the Lord spoke, "2019 is My year for the psalmist. I am resting my Spirit on the psalmist; a sovereign outpouring will begin among My psalmists. I am igniting the earth through the heart of the psalmist; the psalmist will set fire to My church. The sound of their instruments and their voices will calm the storms of life. As the psalmist plays, the winds of destruction will die down. As the psalmist plays My sounds, My people will watch the darkness and evil turn the other way."

  1. A powerful "writing tidal wave" will hit the body of Christ in 2019.

Here, God gave me somewhat of an aerial view over the earth and there were faces from all ages around the world picking up their pens (or devices) and writing in the extreme early mornings or late hours of the night. These writers were exceptionally dedicated, much more than in the past. The desire to complete the written work God gave them overshadowed the longing to do nothing about it anymore. The words "extreme discipline" comes to mind here.

I also saw many books come out of closets and drawers; getting dusted off. It's a writing "tidal wave" hitting the body of Christ! God is placing a high priority on His writers in the coming year.

  1. It's the end of living a half-hearted life.

For many, 2019 will mark the end of a half-hearted lifestyle, one that only produces just enough to get by until we die. This coming year is the end of how we choose to live our lives versus how God wants us to live for Him. It's time to catch fire!

Andy Sanders has been speaking for 25 years. He has traveled extensively around the U.S. and other parts of the world. He is a prolific writer who carries both a prophetic and leadership-type message to the church. Sanders has a B.A. from Central Bible College and a master's and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. He is married to Cathy, and their family resides in Syracuse, New York.

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