Prophecy: California Is Marked for Glory

A prophetic word through Ryan LeStrange has it that the state of California is marked for glory.
A prophetic word through Ryan LeStrange has it that the state of California is marked for glory. (AsuzaNow Facebook page )

The day after TheCall, I was ministering in Chino, California when the spirit of prophecy broke out. This is a significant prophetic word for the state, especially considering the timing with AzusaNow:

"For I have called you to be a State of Innovation. For I have not called you to remain silent, but I have called you to be spiritual innovators. I've given you a voice, and I am healing the voice of the state of California. I have sent laborers from the four corners of the Earth into your state this weekend to begin to release healing. There was a healing call released upon the ground, upon the state and most importantly the voice of the state, for I have labeled you the State of Innovation, says the Lord.

"I am releasing a prophetic company from your borders that will carry a spirit of innovation. You shall be out ahead, says the Lord, prophetically. You shall know that this is that, says the Lord. This is a place and a territory mantled with a pioneering spirit, mantled with a prophetic edge and a prophetic anointing. I will say unto you it is time to take your place. Do not be set down, do not be pushed back. Do not allow the curses to stand over your land, says the Lord, but begin to do that which you were born to do. Give voice to what I have said, California. You are the State of Innovation, and as innovators, you will be bringing 'out-of-the-box' paradigms of revival, says the Lord. And many prophetic voices will be drawn to the borders of your state and even move to your state, says the Lord. Look at the prophets begin to move into your state. 

"It shall be a sign unto you, says the Lord. It shall be a sign unto you, says the Lord. And even the reservoirs will begin refilling supernaturally during this season. It shall be a sign unto you, says the Lord, that your prayers are causing the reservoirs of revival to be reopened and restocked in this territory. Even as the rain came in unnaturally in some ways over this weekend and this gathering, it is a sign unto you, says the Lord. So I would say unto you, take your place as the State of Innovation and innovators. 

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"For I am mantling you with a prophetic voice and a mantle to speak unto the nations. For they shall say, what do they have to say? What do they have to give? But I am causing a high level of prophetic anointing to rise from this state. There have been those in this state that have taken on the spirit of entertainment in the prophetic ministry, and they've prophesied to entertain. That is not the mantle that I have placed on your state, says the Lord. I have placed upon this state a mantle of raw prophetic anointing, of raw prophetic grace, says the Lord, to speak My word, not to decorate the spoken word, not to flower the spoken word, but to decree the spoken word. I am raising up those pioneers, those prophetic pioneers. 

"There will be an explosion of prophetic training, of prophetic mentoring, prophetic schools all across this state, says the Lord, because it is a State of Innovation in the spirit. And I am raising up the wells of healing significantly. It is not a mistake that I sent my servant Oral Roberts to Orange County and that he resided there until he died. That mantle was placed upon that territory but there have been very few who have picked it up. And I would say unto you that it is time to pick up that mantle, says the Lord. 

"It is time for the church of California to become mantled with the healing anointing for many have become mantled with an entertaining anointing, and they are building on entertainment. They are moving on soulish prophetic words and they are moving on soulish worship, but I am raising up a sound out of this land. I am raising up a sound of heaven and a sound of glory. I have mantled the worship out of this territory with glory, says the Lord. Glory it shall be known by. Glory it shall be known by. Glory it shall be known by. California, you are marked for Glory!"

Ryan LeStrange began in ministry after training under his spiritual father, Dr. Norvel Hayes. The apostolic call on his life led him to build multiple ministries in various geographical locations, the foremost being Ryan LeStrange Ministries. Ryan, a modern-day revivalist, moves strongly in the power of God, traveling the globe to ignite revival fires. His crusades and services are alive with prophetic declaration, miracles, healings and powerful preaching. Ryan is one of the senior leaders of New Breed Revival Network, a network of ministers committed to see revival birthed in America and the nations. He is co-founder of, a media channel created to host revival-inspired services, featuring ministers and messages both past and present. Ryan has authored several books and is presently working on several more. The fire of revival and releasing the prophetic have inspired believers to press for more of God. He is the founder and Apostle of Impact International Apostolic Fellowship, an organization created to father and network ministers around the world.

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