2016: Cashing in on Your Golden Tickets

Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket (Flickr )

I dreamed I was sitting at a table with The Lord and he was starting to talk about (with incredible excitement) this time of restored or released inheritances that had never been seen, heard or even thought up before. I don't think I have ever seen His eyes so full of wonder and excitement.

He then spoke of how there had been inheritances put in our bank accounts, but they were for a point in time for us to cash in on. He kept saying "Did you get the memo?" and that it's time to write a check on the deposit of inheritance He had given us. Those around the table were looking bewildered but excited and intrigued. He kept saying "Didn't you get the memo?" He was so fun and alive. He said "You have an inheritance as kings and queens ... this is yours."

Next, He put us in little red wagons and pulled us up the hill to show us what our inheritance was. I felt like the one from Luke 15 who hadn't realized his inheritance that he had at home.

He said: "It's time to cash in on these golden tickets."

  • I saw that each of us had many golden tickets, like what you get when you are at a carnival and you throw the ball and hit the target.
  • We had hundreds of these golden tickets in our hands and each one was incredibly precious.
  • However, there were 16 that he was allowing us to cash in on for the year 2016. I thought it was kind of gamesical, but he said it was fun.
  • He smiled knowingly and said: "The key is learning how to celebrate incremental hopes and partial victories (like God in Creation, let there be light, but still no animals or man, yet He said it was good.)

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He then took me out and gave a shovel and He said:

"Isaiah 45:1-3. You must stay focused on being very thoughtful and intentional about digging up this great treasure of your golden inheritance. I am in the redemption business and I want you to dig up in the year 2016 (Psalm 16—your life is not planned for catastrophe and just hope through it; real hope is walking along pleasant paths and seeing how I show you the goodness in the land of the living continually.

You can either worry like a man or trust and receive like a child. Receive your 16 golden tickets for this 16th year and take your time like you did when you made out your list to Santa and make it out to me. Your 16 requests for your 16 inheritances. And whatever you are thinking, make it bigger."

I said to myself and to the Lord that I had never read or heard of anything like this in the Bible and it sounded like charismatic jambalaya. But He said, "Haven't you ever heard of the prophet I told to strike the rock again and again for the blessings, or Nathan and the waters, or the coin out of the fish's mouth, or the five loaves and two fishes? I'm a lot more fun than you think, and I love to give great substantial gifts that are life changers. Wait on Me alone, wait on Me with friends who can believe for great things for you and cash your checks on your inheritance."

He then took me to a bunch of friends, who are generals in the faith, and He told me to tell each one to write the check on the inheritance He gave each one from different times. I later talked to them and they confirmed it, this is unbelievable, believable dream.

He then said, "How do you receive your golden ticket?"

He gave me a picture in the dream of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory (I wish it was more biblical, but I just got to tell you it happened), how a pauper got an inheritance, but there was one thing required of him, and it was to be humble ... everybody was wrong and had made mistakes, but Charlie would pass the test of humility and receive God's great gift of the kingdom.

"It's time the golden ticket is released and inheritance gained."

I saw an angel beside me I had never seen before, and I asked the Lord why I had never seen him before and He said it was because he had never been seen. The angel's name was Hope, and he was so radiant. It gave me whole new way of seeing and hearing that was beyond what any eye has seen or heard about the goodness of God in this hour (it is to be claimed this year)!

In conclusion: I cannot tell you what your 16 golden tickets are. I will just give you a few things to consider:

1. The Face of God as the God of Radiant Hope. Total confidence in the goodness and celebratory presence and plan of God. (Zech. 9:11-12)

2. A new name—patriarchs and matriarchs of hope, not of misery but indomitable, overcoming, happy, heartfelt hope (Is. 62:1-7; Rev. 2:17).

3. No anger in you. Matthew 5:39—slap on one cheek, turn and respond with no anger because it's been settled. The result would be peacemakers between nations.

4. Regaining or gaining the heart of cities, nations ... those most important to you (kids)

5. Best friends—no greater pleasure 2016 Word of The Lord—The Year of Restoration (Acts 3:21) "The Golden Ticket" by Bob Hartley Page 3 of 3

6. Appreciative eyes—John 11

7. The gift of essence (Num. 27:18-20—releasing original design vs. original sin)

8. Hope hearing (Luke 24:63; 2 Sam. 22:23-25)

9. Gift of building (1 Kings 3-10)

10. Gift of Psalm 67

11. Gift of Wholeness through the Yellow House (Watch Bob's Yellow House Journey on YouTube here.)

Bob Hartley is the founder and CEO of The Hartley Group, a conglomeration of five successful businesses. Also, he is the founder of the Deeper Waters Inc. ministry. Bob has served as a youth pastor for the Metro Christian Fellowship and Area Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, later serving on the FCA/KC board. Bob is a highly sought-after and very popular speaker locally, in America and around the world.

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