Did 2014’s Prophetic Words Ring True?

Before we charge ahead to weigh prophetic mandates, directives and warnings for 2015, let's take a minute to look back at the prophetic words declared over 2014. Did they pan out? (Charisma archives)

In the days and weeks ahead, prophetic voices around the world will release prophecies for 2015. You'll read a handful of them on the "Prophetic Insight" section of charismamag.com.

But before we charge ahead to weigh prophetic mandates, directives and warnings for 2015, let's take a minute to look back at the prophetic words declared over 2014. After all, you can't always limit God's words to a 12-month timeline.

As I've said before, it's possible that some 2014 prophecies won't be relevant for years and others will remain relevant for years to come. So, again, before we move on to the next new prophetic word, let's review what prophetic voices declared last year and respond according to His Spirit.

An Unlocking and Shaking

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About this time last year, Chuck Pierce released a prophetic word that indicated a clock was ticking and gave a three-year timeline on this utterance. "You'll hear of shakings from North to West! You'll hear that I have come from Alaska to Maine to shake but it will be the center of this nation that I now shake, saith the Lord," Pierce declared. "And I will cause that which has been hidden and controlling the forces of this land to shake down!" When you read the entire prophetic word, you'll find it's at the same time sober and encouraging. Some of it is purely in line with Scripture and appear to be unfolding. Some portions of the prophecy remain to be seen. Clearly, there's a shaking going on. Are you prepared for what may happen in the next couple of years?

The Righteous Shall Never be Shaken

With regard to 2014, the Lord told Jennifer LeClaire (that's me) that the righteous will never be shaken. We saw plenty of shaking going on not only in the world—but also in the body of Christ—as high-profile leaders (and unknown pastors) fell one after another to sexual immorality and various other unrighteous scandals. We also saw several denominations defy God's Word as apostasy in the church continued rising. Those involved in unrighteous activities were shaken—and shaken hard. It seems judgment continued in the house of God this year.

The Year of God's Goodness

Matt Sorger prophesied 2014 would be a year where the body of Christ walks into the manifest goodness of God. "The Lord spoke to me that He was closing old doors and opening new ones. The doors of your past, He is closing and sealing with the blood, never to be opened again. And He is opening a new door in front of you, a door that will lead you into the goodness of God," Sorger said. "This year will be a year where you not only believe by faith to see the negative turn for your good, but you will walk into the manifestation of it. This will be a year where the goodness of God is manifested in your life." Did you see the goodness of God manifest in your life in 2014? I know I did.

2014 Is a Roller Coaster Year

Rick Joyner said when he prayed over 2014 he saw a roller coaster: "This means we will have ups and downs this year. I realize that hardly takes a prophet to predict, but the encouraging thing about this vision was that the ride ended at the highest point," he said. "We're going higher this year! So don't be discouraged by the dips. Hang on, and know that we will be going up again soon." There's more to the prophecy than that, but the roller coaster vision is telling. Did you experience a roller coaster year? I know I did.

A Second Phase of God's 'Prophetic Breath'

Bishop Bill Hamon, founder of Christian International, delivered a prophetic word for 2014 about a second phase of God's prophetic breath during what many called the Year of the Open Door. Watch the video and decide for yourself if this prophetic word manifested in 2014. I know I witnessed a number of young prophetic voices rising up in the past year.

The Year of the Quantum Leap

Jane Hamon prophesied 2014 would be the "year of the quantum leap." "I think we have all come to realize that God's 'suddenlies' don't always happen suddenly," she said. "But we are now in a quantum leap 'suddenly season,' where we will see those things we have prayed over, decreed to, quoted Scriptures for, prophesied into and warred a good warfare for suddenly come to pass." This was absolutely true in my own life. What about yours?

5 Prophetic Insights for 2014 and Beyond

James Goll prophesied it's a time of fire, a call to all watchman to be on the alert, a coming increased detail in the word of knowledge, the release of redemptive interpreters and hope ambassadors, and restoration. "This is part of what I have been hearing, sensing, seeing and knowing that the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour. We each only see in part, and even the best only prophesy in part," he said. "But when we each bring our piece of the puzzle to the table, we will see with greater clarity the vision of things to come." Did you see any of this in 2014? Are you expecting it in 2015?

Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks as we'll share more prophetic words. In the meantime, review these decrees, announcements, insights and directives. Grab what rings with your spirit even as you prepare your heart to receive what God has for you in the new year.

Jennifer LeClaire is senior news editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale and author of several books, including Satan's Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraftand The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating JezebelYou can visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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