Pray Now for the Peace of Israel

jonathanbernis_croppedAt this moment on the international stage, a drama over the security of Israel is unfolding in New York City, the results of which could play a prophetic role in world affairs for generations to come.

The eyes of the world are on New York as many nations gather for the Durban III conference, where world leaders are there to address the U.N. in support of Palestinian statehood.

President Obama acknowledged yesterday what Israel has been saying for months.  In an interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu he said, “Peace cannot be imposed on the parties.  It is going to have to be negotiated.”

Despite a “full court press” on the part of the Palestinians, the proposed vote for statehood currently is not expected to happen on Friday after all. Regardless of what transpires this week, it is clear that our prayers are needed now.  Please pray for wisdom, strength and courage to be given to our leaders as they seek to find a solution to this international crisis.

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Whether the vote takes place or not, there could well be a huge increase in violence in Gaza and the West Bank.  Such an uprising would likely require Israel to take action to preserve the peace—and that action, no matter how well-intentioned, could bring further condemnation on their shoulders. 

Palestinian Riots Erupt in Judea and Samaria
As many as 10,000 Palestinians held a violent demonstration in Ramallah, with Arab youth burning U.S. and Israeli flags, and engaging Israeli Checkpoint Personnel and throwing bricks, rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails. Israel maintained the checkpoint by the use of tear gas canisters. Hundreds of Palestinian protesters descended on Zif Junction, near the tiny enclave of Hebron until dispersed by IDF soldiers.

Another clash with a violent Arab mob occurred north of Jerusalem, at the Qalandiya checkpoint. Rioters ignited tires and hurled rocks and bricks at security personnel, and threw bricks at passing motorists as well. IDF troops closed another road through Samaria after civilians were ambushed as they traveled along the route.

Israeli security forces are bracing for escalation, as Palestinian organizers have warned that the riots are going to get “much, much worse” when the U.S. veto comes in response to the Palestinian bid for statehood.

Summer Conference Suggests Link Between ‘Arab Spring’ and P.A.
Earlier this summer, Egypt hosted a “resistance” joint conference of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Palestinian Authority terrorist groups, in which they discussed linking the “Arab Spring” uprisings with demands of the P.A.

Under the name "The Founding Conference of the Arab-Islamic Gathering to Support the Option of Resistance," delegates from 14 countries attended a two-day convention at the Egyptian Press Syndicate, representing Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Morocco, Sudan, Jordan and other nations.

Representatives also came from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas (spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood), Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade—the military arm of the Fatah movement headed by P.A. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. A delegate from Hezbollah spoke in the name of its supreme leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

Hamas' international relations spokesman, Osama Hamdan, empathically promised, "The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will never end unless Israel ceases to exist.”

Please pray as never before!  We are literally in a spiritual battle that can affect the world for generations to come. Click here to commit to pray with us. Let’s unite in prayer that our national leadership will do what is right and is honorable, and not bow to international pressure to compromise the security of Israel or international stability.

About the Author: Jonathan Bernis is president of Jewish Voice Ministries International and has worked on the forefront of world evangelism since 1984, taking the good news of Israel’s Messiah worldwide and to the Jewish people. He is the founding rabbi of Congregation Shema Yisrael in Rochester, N.Y., where he served as senior Messianic rabbi from 1984 to 1993. He also founded and pastored the Messianic Center of St. Petersburg, Russia, where he lived and ministered from 1993 to 1996. Click to view Jonathan's latest prayer video, "God's Peace for Israel."

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