The Pulpits Are Shaking

cindydeville_webThere is a great battle raging for the souls of mankind, and as Christ’s return draws nearer, we see this battle intensifying. As never before, the church must be ready for the days ahead, armed with the truth of God’s living Word. Today, I want to share with you a vision God recently gave me of pulpits shaking.

The good news is we believe this shaking we are about to speak of is all a part of God’s preparation. He is preparing His Church for a greater work in the earth, and everything not grounded in the truth of God’s Word must be stripped away. This shaking is something to rejoice in, knowing that God is at work in us all, preparing us as vessels to do greater works in the earth, for His Kingdom and glory.

A Vision of a Great Shaking in the Pulpits
While in prayer two weeks ago, I kept seeing a vision of a pulpit that was shaking intensely, as if there was a long and intense earthquake. The pastor behind the pulpit could not stand up, and he started to frantically grasp the pulpit for something solid to hold onto. Everything was crumbling around him, and the only thing that was not shaking, crumbling or changing was the truth of God's Word. In desperation, the pastor fell to his knees, and seemed to be asking himself: "What do I really believe? What is truth?" This caused him to dig deep on his knees in search for truth he could take hold of and stand upon. We know God's Word is everlasting truth: "Thy word is truth" (John 17:17); "The Word of our God shall stand forever." (Is. 40:8).

The Earthquake in Christchurch?
It was shortly after this vision came that we heard the news of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. This first caught our attention as my husband, Darrel, lived in Christchurch as a young boy. In light of the vision, we realized this earthquake could have prophetic significance. While I do not believe everything that happens is a prophetic sign, I do believe God uses some things to symbolize what He is doing or will do; we see this throughout holy Scripture. So, I do believe the recent earthquake at Christchurch in New Zealand could be symbolic.

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Three Key Notes
Following are three things I believe God was communicating to us through this vision:

1. There is coming a greater shaking that will cause pastors to question what they believe. This shaking may cause some to fall away, but others will go deeper in their faith and in their knowledge of God. Their search and hunger for solid and unchanging truth will help feed and strengthen the flock of God, preparing them to stand strong in the days ahead.

2. This shaking will also bring pastors to their knees. They will not be able to stand on their own and will come to realize that they must go deeper in their prayer life. They will also see the need for God’s house to be a house of prayer if it’s going to be victorious during these intense times.

3. This shaking will also cause a greater surrender and dependence on God as pastors realize that apart from Him they can do nothing.

Building on the Rock or castles in the sand?
We all must examine ourselves, our ministries and our churches. Are we building on the true foundations of God’s Word? Jesus made it clear that when the storms come that those built on sand would fall, but those built upon His Word of truth would remain and stand tall. Jesus said: "He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock [God's Word]. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock" (Luke 6:48).

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Ps. 11:3). When the foundations of the church are weak, it weakens the foundations of a nation. I believe this is one major reason why for decades we've seen the systematic removal of God, prayer, and the Bible from our schools, education, government and our culture; and we are reaping the fruit of this. Has the church compromised her mission and message, making the path so broad and wide? Has she weakened herself and the nation through her compromise? What then can turn the tide?

What can turn the tide?
First, we must work hard to restore and strengthen the sound foundations of biblical truth and the knowledge of God in the church. When the foundations of the church are strengthened and restored, then she will rise up and greatly impact the nation at every level. As the church, it's time that we fully surrender to God, commit to prayer, know what we believe and why, then send forth the Word of truth like never before, for lives depend on it! We are called to save, impact and disciple nations. God and the nations are waiting on us!

About the author: Cindy deVille is the co-founder, with her husband, Darrel, of Shekinah Today Ministries. She is a prophetic minister and intercessor who "has a strong desire to see the church return to her first love." The deVilles publish an e-newsletter titled Today's Prophetic Perspective, in which they share with the body of Christ what they believe God is showing and saying to them. Their Pray, America! Pray! campaign is a national call to repentance and a compassionate cry for America to return to God.

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