2011: The Time Is Now!

nickipfeiferIt is imperative that the body of Christ accurately discern the times and seasons we find ourselves in.  As the sons of Issachar, we too, must be aware of not only what God is doing at the moment, but we must be aware of what is looming before us.

I have been listening intently to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying for this hour.  As we enter into 2011, I believe God in His goodness, is giving us insight and direction for the upcoming season.

Let me start out by saying, God desires that we, the bride, walk in unusual favor and victory as never before! God has released a level of grace and power that we must demonstrate to the world that our God reigns in spite of our circumstances and situations.  I remind you to, “Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1) The bride shall shine forth with the illumination of Christ, even as the world trembles in fear and trepidation of the unknown.

As we progress into 2011, we find ourselves still in a season of transition.  There is great acceleration and shifting occurring daily as we see crisis on personal, national and global level continue to escalate.    This will not cease nor slow, but things will continue to change rapidly from day to day, particularly in regards to the declining economic conditions.  As I have been saying for the last two years, “Now is the time to get your finances in order”!

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During this transition, it is important to remain steadfast.  As you find yourself in transition, be at peace that God has a plan and He is orchestrating the events that must come to pass. I hear the Lord saying: “I will bring you into a season of clarity and you will have greater direction for your life.”

We are on the precipice of a crossroads of crisis. We will find ourselves at a time where there is a major clash of good vs. evil in the approaching days.  This is not to incite fear or panic, nor is it my intention to add to the ever increasing “doom and gloom” prophetic words, which seem so prevalent today.   I want to emphasize that God, in His goodness, is giving us a season of contemplation and preparation so that we will not be caught unaware and therefore thrown into a frenzy of panic, confusion and turmoil.

I believe there is a major crisis on a national level looming within the next two to three years. I see much of this crisis will be on a level that affects our nation from the top down, resulting in great change for our nation as a whole.  I am not sure what the end result will be or look like; however, I am confident that God is preparing us to not only endure these changes, but to live victoriously in the face of them.

Now is the time to cast off every weight that would hold you back personally and to pursue wholeness for your personal life. Walk in a new level of joy and peace in the upcoming year.  God says, “Quit looking at your circumstances!  Stop focusing on the giants and start seeing your promise!”

One of the greatest assignments of Satan at this time is to bring a spirit of offense to the body of Christ. Be aware of offenses that arise before you. Do not let the spirit of offense rob you of your victory.  We cannot control when offense comes, but the key is how we respond.  Do not give offense a place in your life.  Choose to overlook offenses and be quick to forgive in the days to come.

Christians must rise up in this hour and begin to war in the spirit. No longer can the body of Christ cower in fear and silence.  It is time to open up your mouth and begin to call the things that are not as though they are!   There is a new level of authority and power in the spoken word that has been released to the body of Christ.  We will begin to see many miracles; especially healings occurring as the word is spoken forth, ever increasing on corporate levels as well as personal.  This will continue to accelerate as the people of God become more confident in this new release of anointing.

There is a new song that will begin to rise forth from the earth. This sound of heaven will be released in music and lyrics, which will bring much pleasure to the Father.  God is calling for a new breed of worshippers to arise.   They will carry the fire and fervency for a last day’s move of God.   It is time for a new song and a new dance.    It is imperative that we be willing to release the old wine and embrace the new.

There is a new level of grace that is being poured out on pastors in 2011. God is putting a new emphasis on the office of pastor.  In the last two decades the focus has been on the emergence and establishment of both prophets and apostles.  This was a necessary season in order to birth the prophetic and the apostolic to the modern church.  This has caused insecurities and hurt to arise in pastors as they have felt less important.  It is time for pastors to bathe in the healing waters so that they in turn may pour out to the body of Christ for greater ministry.

There is an adjustment that is coming to the prophetic movement. It will bring greater order and clarification to the office of prophet.  Those appointed to the office must receive acknowledgment and validation not only from God, but from the remaining five fold ascension gifts of apostle, pastor, evangelist and teacher.  God desires a working synergy to emerge from these offices.   They cannot continue to exist independently from one another, but must begin to function interdependently. As God brings greater order, there will be an increase of prophetic revelation particularly in dreams, visions and seeing into the spirit realm.  He is anointing our eyes with eye salve so that we may see clearly and acutely.

As this war wages between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God, there will be an increase in natural disasters and anomalies, such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. I remind you that “The earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” (Romans 8:19)  It is the created crying out for God’s people to arise and advance the Kingdom of God on the earth.  The earth is crying out for the rightful heirs to establish their God given destiny and walk in the authority He has released!

For several years, I have had a recurring vision of whirlwinds of fire igniting the United States with the glory of God’s presence.  As the body of Christ rises in power and authority, these pockets of fire will begin to erupt.  I see these whirlwinds of fire begin to spread like a wildfire across the landscape.  These pockets of revival fire are intended to be new and fresh.  God is going to move as never before.  We should not be focused on trying to resurrect past movements, but eagerly await a new move of the Holy Spirit.  I hear the words, “Stop mourning what was and is no more, and begin to expect something greater”.

As we look toward 2011, let us prayerfully consider and evaluate our personal condition.  It is time to put away offense, fear, insecurities and look to the healer who brings wholeness.  Allow God to do the work in you that is necessary to make you strong in the face of hardship.

So in conclusion, here are seven practical things you need to focus on in 2011:

  • Get your finances in order and resist the temptation for more senseless debt.
  • Remain steadfast doing good and do not make major changes out of fear and uncertainty.
  • Keep your eyes focused on God and His promises, not your circumstances.
  • Beware of offense!
  • Begin to pray in greater faith with boldness that your prayers will bring about results.
  • Watch the new grace on pastors to lead, and get under their covering. Align yourself under established church government.
  • Live in expectation and anticipation for the next great move of the Holy Spirit.

May the grace, peace and power of God be upon you as we move into the New Year. May 2011 be your best year yet!

About the author: Nicki Pfeifer is co-founder with her husband, Mark, of Open Door Ministries in Chillicothe, Ohio (opendoorohio.com), where they serve as senior pastors. They are also the founders of Mark and Nicki Pfiefer Ministries (markandnicki.com), and Nicki is the founder of the Fire School of Prophetic Training, which has locations throughout the U.S., Asia and Africa. A recognized prophetic voice, Nicki is in demand as a speaker at conferences in the United States and other countries.

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