From Day 1, Gaza History Reflects Volatility and Hatred

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Gaza fire
An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires towards Gaza from outside the northern Gaza Strip, before the start of a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire July 17, 2014. (Baz Ratner/Reuters)

Late 1990s: Palestinian suicide bombers unleash terror in Israel. Despite the progress and cooperation between Arabs and Jews, there were many Arab groups that did not want peace with Israel. Over the next decade, 171 suicide bombers would explode themselves in an effort to kill as many Israelis as possible and cause terror throughout the country.

2000-2005: Palestinians unleash the Second Intifada against Israel. Israel, in defense, builds a Security Fence, which causes the rebellion to fizzle out, as it effectively stopped the suicide bombings.

2005: The terror group Hamas wins a third of the Palestinian legislative council.

2006: Hamas wins a majority of the Palestinian legislative council.

2007: Hamas takes over the Gaza strip from Fatah (PLO).

Back up to 2005: Israel, in a controversial move, evacuates Gaza, while gaining nothing in exchange from the Palestinians. Hamas and other groups had shot 1000s of Rockets over the previous years. Israel wrongly though, if we leave, they will stop. Actually, since we left Gaza, they have shot over 9,000 rockets and missiles at Israeli population centers. What country would tolerate this? What is even more sickening is that Hamas uses women and children as human shields, willing to sacrifice them for their own purposes. Israel has done far more to protect Gazans than their elected leaders.

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