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Storm clouds are brewing. Are you ready?

Prayer Storm Gains Momentum in This Crucial Moment

It is imperative that unbelief and the slumbering spirit of passivity that lingers upon the body of Christ be broken off so that we can arise into the fullness of our divine destiny.

A fourth great wave of the Holy Spirit is preparing to let loose.

The Fourth Great Wave of the Holy Spirit Has Begun

Every previous wave of the Holy Spirit has restored truths to the larger body of Christ and often even birthed entire new denominations and or ministries. Expect the same and more with this new one.

When You Have Done All

How to Stand With God Through the Storms of Life

Turmoil like Job's—including losing a wife to cancer—helped prophetic prayer leader James Goll learn a few things about patience, endurance and standing with God through trials and tribulations.

Holy Spirit

How Does the Holy Spirit Actually Move?

We are not just to be open to the Holy Spirit, but we are to passionately pursue Him. But there are several warnings given to us in Scriptures of attitudes and actions to avoid in our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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